Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Craft Time . Large wooden painted deer

 Oh My Gosh! These are some big deer!

I painted them with acrylic paint and the first 2 deer I painted were really fun to paint . . . but then it wasn't fun anymore. LOL~ I put way to much detail in the painting for something that goes outside. It was taking me forever to finish the painting of them too. Not to mention the fact that they were LARGE deer. What was I thinking?!

On this one I held back on some of the detail but then decided that I could'nt leave it like that. It just called out to me to "Dooo Moreeee".  I was going to just put a tiny bit of black hair below the antlers but I ended up fluffing it all up nice and pretty on the final brush.

This deer is sitting here drying. 

Yep I needed this coat of paint to dry before I did the next coat. Now normally I like to wet paint, wet paint, wet paint LOL but I needed some dry time so I didn't smear it since the deer was so big. Plus I wanted a shadow / layer effect that I can only get when I paint on top of dry paint.

I did all the deer different

The white, black, gray and light blue deer were gorgous!! They were like white snow deer. I painted them looking very fluffy looking and very winter looking. I thought I took pictures but I couldn't find them to post.

Made with Plywood

These deer were heavy.  The wood used was thick plywood. I put 3 coats of sealer on them too. I will not be painting anymore of them with this much detail for the outside again.

That's my "Craft Time Share Time" for you today

I soooo love deer crafts and I hope I was able to give you some ideas of your own to craft with. I am always searching out the Internet for things to spark my creativity. I love to share and I love what you share with me too.  
Until next time, Love Pam

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Craft Time / 4 foot wooden deer

 Good morning everyone. It's share time! I just wanted to show you a couple pictures of these 4 foot tall, sweet little deer. Now in this photo.... I have not finished painting the face yet. In fact you will notice the black nose is not there yet and the shading on the face is not there yet either. But I needed to lay them out on the table to dry before I could start the last part of the painting.

In this picture they are all painted and sealed

They are still not finished yet because I need to put the bow in their hair. If I make it a boy I put a basic red bow. If I make it a girl and fancy up the bow a bit more. 

They are just so cute / Basic but cute

Now these are made to go in the yard but my favorite one's are those that are made on a flat base so they can be put on a fireplace hearth, inside the house.

I like the one for the inside of the house better because you can dress them up with real material ... like if you wanted to put a scarf around the neck or a huge bow on them that weather wouldn't mess up.

Ok Friends....

That's my "Craft Time Share Time" I hope you all have lots of fun this month doing all your crafts. Don't forget to share the fun stuff you learn in life with us all. Love Pam


Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Crafty Time / The Country Way to Decorate with pine cones

Decorating with pine cones

Pine cones are a great FREE item that's perfect for decorating the house and porch with. You can make so many things with them and the pine smell is just awesome. I have a huge pine tree in yard that drops tons of pine cones on the ground that I can use. I have an every ending amount that I can use to make crafts with or use for decorating.

Each year I make a simple wreath for the door made with pine cones. 

If you look at the picture above, this is the standard way I like to make my wreaths. On the outside of the wreath I like to rotate full pine cones with the skinny squirrel eaten pine cones. LOL~ I think burlap material adds the best country flair to a wreath but if I'm putting it on the outside door I like to use plastic coated ribbon because of the moisture. The best thing I could ever tell anyone about wreaths outside is...... spray and seal! Spray and seal! Spray and seal! Try making a all pine cone wreath too. Thick with pine cones. It's a lot of work but it's super beautiful.

Sometimes I just fill a huge basket with pinecones

Yep sometimes I just fill a huge basket with pinecones and put them on the porch with a big colorful bow on it. It is so pretty. I really should do one for this year and take a picture and post it for everyone.

Pine Cone Ornaments

One year I put a Christmas Tree on the porch and made all pine cone ornaments for the decorations. I spray painted the pine cones which made them shiny. I also added a bow to the tops of them and put about 50 of them on the tree. I then added simple white twinkle lights on the tree. It was simple & beautiful.


Buy yourself a cheap thin green garland and tie on a bunch of pinecones to thicken it up. The focus will be the pine cones themselves but the little bit of green that will show through will accent it. Not much green will show because your using the garland limbs to tie on the cones with. It will turn out beautiful. 

The Picture Above

The picture above is actually a display I made for a craft show where I was selling wreaths. My display was about 6 white door examples that I set up for people to get ideas from. I was disappointed when I found out there was no electricity and I couldn't turn my twinkle lights. :/

That's my "Craft Time Share Time" post

❤  Writing this post has made me want to start making some pine cone crafts again. I think I will get a bucket and start picking up pine cones and get started on my Fall decorations. Enjoy all the free stuff that nature provides for us. 

Happy Crafting and Happy Holidays everyone. Love Pam

Monday, September 27, 2021

Craft Time / The Grinch and his Dog

The whole world loves the Grinch so I thought I would show you the one's I painted for the yard.


My brother Eddie cut this large set of the Grinch and his dog out of wood. I painted them with acrylic paint and sealed the wood.

It's not showing in the photo... but use your imagination for this part. LOL~ Look at the hands... see how they are shaped. Well the pattern is made to put a string of lights in his hands, then twine it in the antlers on the dogs head. ~Wink~

Just Toooo Cuteeee!

I really enjoy painting all the Holiday stuff each season. But I sure wish the price of wood wasn't so high. It has busted my bubble this year. 😧

Have a great day everyone. Love Pam


Sunday, September 26, 2021

Selfie Sunday / Eating my favorite cookies for breakfast

Selfie Sunday is here and I can't lie. My favorite breakfast is always something sweet. Be it cookies, cake or pie, I usually reach for it every morning.


Yes I know what your going to say...."It's not healthy to eat sweets every day"... well your absolutely right. So don't do what I do. You do what is healthy. LOL~

Today I'm enjoying cookies 

Today I'm enjoying cookies with my coffee. My favorite cookie is white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. If you have a great recipe for the cookie I would sure like to try it. I usually try every recipe I get my hands on when it come to macadamia nut.

That's my Selfie Sunday post for this beautiful Sunday.

I hope you all have a blessed day today and I hope the weather is beautiful in your neck of the woods today too. Go get you some white chocolate macadamia nut cookies too. If you never tried them your missing out on some yummy goodness.

Now this is my very first Selfie Sunday post... 

but I'm going to make "Selfie Sunday" part of a series of posts that you will be able to find in the right hand sidebar of the blog here. If you want to see my latest "selfie Sunday post" then you will always be able to find my latest post here.

Thank you friends for sharing your time with me. I love you all. Pam

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