Monday, October 19, 2020

My Spookified Kitchen for Halloween

Today I'm sharing
Today I'm sharing how I decorated and spookified my kitchen for Halloween.
I added a ghostly touch by adding my hand crafted and hand painted black wooden bats and my candy corn pots that I painted to hold my kitchen utensils.

The whole kitchen has a mysterious feel
The whole kitchen has a mysterious feel to it thanks to my magical live plants that I keep on my kitchen counter. No kitchen is complete without a spooktacular selection of herbs and spices right~

"BOO" in the kitchen
And last but not least... I have to have my "Boo" in the kitchen with me. Yes my happy ghost mascot has been with me for many years and is making his appearance once again for Halloween. I love his smiling face.

Everyone.... enjoy decorating for Halloween. Have fun with it and remember to share your ideas with each other. If your on social media and your sharing your kitchen photos... Remember to #HalloweenKitchen
Make Memorable Memories!
Love, Pam

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Making Tabasco Pepper Oil on this peaceful Sunday

Here's the video that I promised everyone. 💗
This is how I spent my day on Sunday. It was such a beautiful day. I spent the whole day either outside or in front of my kitchen window looking outside. haha! It was such a peaceful day for sure. I accomplished everything that I wanted to accomplish. And to be honest... I didn't even care if I didn't. mmmwah!

Peaceful & Positive 💗

I added an inspiring devotion at the end of the video. I wanted the whole video to be peaceful and positive... even the ending. I hope you enjoy it and I hope you take away a bit of joy. Now, go make some pepper oil! And thank you for sharing.
Love to all, Pam

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Friday, October 09, 2020

My week to pick some peppers and get my oil & vinegar bottles done.


One of my favorite plants to grow in a pot. 🌿

I really enjoy making oil & vinegar's each year with the peppers I grow on my patio. Peppers are some of my favorite things to grow in a pot too. I think they are pretty in a pot and Oooo sooo easy to drag in the house when the weather turns cold. lol! This week was my week to pick-some-peppers and get my oil & vinegar bottles done. 

Last Sunday was such a beautiful day. 🌞

The sunlight was shining through my kitchen window all day long and it made me want to make oil & vinegar's. As I was getting my things together I decided to take a few pics and record a small video clip to share with you guys. In fact I'm editing it right now. I should have it ready to publish this my series called "Peaceful Sunday" that's on my Youtube Channel. It's going to be episode 2. Keep an eye out for it if you like this kind of thing.

Ahhh yesss! 😀

You can't make oils & vinegar's without fresh tabasco peppers. I took this pic right after I picked them. On the left are the already dried ones and the one's in the bowl are the one's I just picked.

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peak 💖

Yes friends I do hope you enjoyed this sneak peak of the video project I'm working on for Sunday. I would love it if you could tell me what herbs or spices that you enjoy adding to your oil & vinegar's. I haven't added mine in yet. What's your favorite combination? I would love to try a new one for this year.

"Live everyday like a Holiday"

Love to all, Pam

Sunday, October 04, 2020

Peaceful Sunday / Comfort in a flower even if it's just a weed.

I always look forward to Sundays

It doesn't matter if I have to work or not... the day always seems magical to me. I think it's because of my fond memories from way back when I was a kid.

So Many Smells

I remember when I was a kid how special Sunday was. We always put on our best clothes and went to Sunday School then preaching. I remember my Mother and Daddy always smelled so good for church and the house was just covered in beautiful smells too. LOL!

Comfort in peaceful memories

It's funny how smells stick with you a lifetime. I remember my Mother cooked the best meal of the week on Sundays. I remember my Mother would always light her vanilla candles she had throughout the house and I don't know which smell I enjoyed the most....

  • The roast, carrots & potatoes with gravy cooking in the oven, (for me)
  • the made from scratch chocolate cake she was icing on the table (for Daddy), 
  • the hot coffee in the coffee pot, (for all kin folks) 
  • the wild flower bouquet that Daddy would bring her, 
  • the oak & pine wood burning in the fireplace, 
  • or the vanilla candles that she always had burning. (for her)
There is so much comfort in the peaceful memories of all the Sunday smells. 

My Peaceful Sunday

Today I realized that I've worked every Sunday for a few months now. As I was drinking my morning coffee I noticed how tired I was... even though I had a good nights sleep. My mind started thinking about how life was at home as a kid. I looked down and noticed I was drinking out of one of Mothers matching cup and saucers. I thought to myself... I would love to feel some of those old days again. 

So......., I made the decision to not do a thing today and enjoy Sunday as close to the way I remembered it as a kid. Now that's going to be pretty easy to do because I live in the house I was raised in. LOL! My loving Mother & Daddy are already with God but I hold their memories close to my heart. Especially today~

I pulled out my Mother's dishes that she always used when she set the table. She always set the most beautiful tables.  I pored my coffee in one of her matching cup and saucers. I just love dishes just like she did. LOL! I lit 3 vanilla candles throughout the house; one of which is in the center of the kitchen table which has been there for about 30 years. Yep! A beautiful round cut glass candle holder that looks like a crystal ball. LOL!  I then went outside and gathered a small bundle of firewood and made a small fire in the fireplace. Then I went back outside and looked for any wild flowers that were blooming. I cut me some Golden Rod look-alike's to make a flower arrangement with. I even had a roast in the freezer that's cooking right now as we speak. Yep! The only thing missing.... is them.

Then I though... 
I think I will video a peaceful Sunday morning for my Internet friends.  :)
Lot's Of Love to everyone! "Live Everyday like a Holiday"

Monday, September 28, 2020

Motivation Monday / 5 Day Calendar Outlook starting 9/28

Hello friends :)
I've been trying for month to create & design a new series of theme videos about motivation and inspiration related to the calendar. I wanted to call the series "Motivation Monday" and add it to the sidebar of my blog here and also add it as a series on my youtube channel. But I just couldn't get the graphics like I wanted. ( Pam shrugs her head in sadness) I stopped and started working on it a thousand times over the last few months. Grrr.... I wanted my information to be positive and encouraging.  I wanted to offer my followers something positive to look forward too reading. Well, I'm relieved to say I've finally finished my creative thought. LOL! And here it is! I do hope you enjoy.

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