Tuesday, February 06, 2018

What Are Weird Wild and Wacky Holidays

A Weird Holiday is a Celebration Day that is about a weird wild or wacky subject matter. 

Our calendar is packed full of them and celebrated all over the world. Some are based on facts, some are based on tradition, some are based on history, and some are based on just a good excuse to host an awesome theme party. But "All" are centered around getting together and having a good time with your community, classmates, neighbors, family, friends and rivals. Did you say rivals? Yep! based on the type of holiday it is; it can be rivals. All in fun though! The idea is for it to be theme related to the holiday and memorable. In fact if you ever go to a weird holiday party you can bet you will remember it for the rest of your life! 

All wacky holidays "theme" around the word "weird". 
But what does the word weird mean? Well The encyclopedia says weird is: synonyms: uncanny, errie, unnatural, supernatural, unearthly, otherworldly, ghostly, mysterious, strange, abnormal...  

Well there ya go! The best definition for what a "Weird Holiday" is... is... It's a fun holiday that themes around weird, wild, wacky, unusual, obscure, uncommon, unique, strange, odd, crazy, funny, silly, quirky, offbeat, bizarre and funny subject matters. We find them listed all over the internet by every one of these descriptive words. Well why such a broad definition?

The Urban Dictionary defines weird as this:
Weird is a very subjective word that lacks a finite definition because it is a word used for emoting. Weird can be used maliciously or ignorantly to describe behavior, traditions, or rituals that are simply misunderstood by the person using the word, "weird," when better words would be strange, odd, unusual, foreign, or fascinating. The word "weird" can also be
used to deliberately dehumanize people and reduce their life-story in order to exclude them from social circles or relationships, because the person using the word "weird," thinks that the other person is trying to white-wash who they are and a history of doing weird stuff. Typically, the best use of the word, "weird," is to describe a sketchy person who does things that are abusive or annoying, or a person who is OK with being an asshole.

Now our website gone-ta-pott.com explains a weird holiday like this: 
Most weird holidays honor some kind of wacky invention or a fun and bazaar thing to do. All of these make for some great party laughter. In fact, this is the main reason why these holidays are becoming so popular. Everybody loves a fun reason to party and these weird holidays fit the bill! Get your party pants on...

Weird Holidays .....
can be National Holidays celebrated by way of a small get together's or a weird holidays celebration celebrated by a whole towns in other different parts of the world.

A few examples are: 
Snowmen burning day / Working naked day / Crapper Day / Feast of fabulous wild men day / Pig Day / Songkran / .

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