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Chicken Wing Chucker Day

Chicken Chucker Day or Chicken Wing Chucker Day is not to be confused with National Chicken Wing Day which is celebrated on July 29th. 

Chicken Wing Chucker Day is always celebrated on any Friday night, after a long work week has ended and when everyone is ready to be a "Chuker" / slang term for "to throw".

Chicken Wing Chucker Day was created unknowingly by a group of friends who got together every Friday night after work and ate deep fried buffalo wings and enjoyed a few rounds of drinks. Well as the Friday night wing parties progressed.... they turned into bets of who could eat the most hot buffalo wings. The eating of the buffalo wings turned into an eating game they called "Chicken Chucker". Before long the whole community was taking part in these get-together's and it then became know as "Chicken Chucker Day". It didn't take long before Chicken Chucker Day's borders moved out into the sorrounding communities. Once it hit the college population it was full speed ahead! Chicken Wing Chucker Day was celebrated every Friday night at different locations.

About the Game
Players sit around a round table with a large platter of buffalo wings sitting in the middle of the table on a lazy susan (a turntable). The platter of wings is sectioned off into different flavored sections and heat levels. Players put napkins over their heads as not to cheat and they spin the turntable. Each player reaches and takes a wing and eats it. Places the bones in a neat pile to their right. As the heat level rises (no water allowed) The first person to give up grabs his stack of bones and ("Chucker" to throw) tosses them up in the air which ends the game. It's real funny to watch!

After the game, everyone is given a nice big glass of water (milk cuts the heat but most people won't drink it if they have drank a few mixed drinks) - then  the salads are served. Big chunks of carrot sticks and celery are traditional with hot wings. A nice vinaigrette dressing is available to anyone who want's it because it's said that vinegar is acidic and cuts through heat??? But.... most are going to just reach for the ranch dressing and a beer!

About This Holiday: 
This Holiday is considered to be a Weird Holiday or Unofficial Holiday. It also fits in the category of a Food Holiday. There are no government proclamations for this holiday but is still considered a holiday to celebrate.

Buffalo Wing Fun Facts:
Buffalo wing, in the cuisine of the United States, is an unbreaded chicken wing section (flat or drumette) that is generally deep-fried then coated in a sauce consisting of a vinegar-based cayenne pepper hot sauce and melted butter prior to serving. They are generally served hot, along with celery sticks and/or carrot sticks with either ranch or blue cheese dressing for dipping. 

As the market for chicken wings became larger restaurants began to create and use a variety of sauces in addition to buffalo sauce. Some of these new chicken wing sauces were influenced by Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Caribbean, and Indian cuisines. Other flavors created by restaurants include unique combinations, such as Blueberry BBQ Wing Sauce and Maple/Bacon Glaze.

In many areas of the United States chicken wing festivals are held with Buffalo wings being used in competitive eating events, such as at Philadelphia's Wing Bowl and the National Buffalo Wing Festival. It has also become commonplace for restaurants to offer a wing eating contest featuring a customer eating a certain number of wings, coated in their hottest sauce during a set period of time. Many bars and restaurants intentionally create an extra-hot sauce for this purpose, and customers are usually rewarded with their picture posted on the restaurant's wall or website, a commemorative T-shirt, a free meal or a combination of rewards for successfully completing the challenge.

The Sauce:
Cayenne pepper, hot sauce and melted butter or margarine are the base of the Buffalo wing sauce, which may be made mild, medium, or hot. Commercial ready-to-use wing sauce is made, with varying levels of spiciness. A popular sweet variant is the barbeque wing, in which barbecue sauce is used as the sauce instead of a hot sauce-based coating. The cooked chicken wings are placed in a bowl or pot and shaken to coat the wings completely covering them in sauce before serving.

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