Monday, March 05, 2012

Good Morning Monday! March 5

What a beautiful morning! Here in Alabama it's sunny and cool outside, -high 50's. The rain pounded us for 2 days along with whaling winds, and tornadoes. The evidence of it is a flooded front yard, lawn furniture blown around, busted outside ceramic pots and lots of tree limbs on the ground. 7 tornadoes touched down but this morning we awoke to beautiful sunshine and a renewed feeling that I've been blessed and  "Life is good." 

My family pets were delighted to see the morning sun as well. They huddled around the sun rays and gave each other loving fur hugs in celebration of the beautiful morning. 

The first thing I did (other than enjoy a pot of coffee) was rescue the bird feeders; reload them with bird seed and hang them up. I put up a feeder in a new location on the front porch so the cats could enjoy watching them through the glass doors. You can see one side of the feeder in the photo. I know it will take a few days for the birds to find it but I will keep a close watch on how it does in this location and will happily pass on the news.
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Here's What's Happening on the Holiday Front for March 5, 2012:
March 5th is: Namesake Day, Fun Facts about names day, National Cheese Doodle Day, Dr. Doolittle Day, Mother-in-Law Day, Healing From the Inside Out Day, Say hi to Mom day, Multiple personality day, Crispus Attucks day, Casimir Pulaski day, 

Around The World:
  • Custom Chief's Day (Vanuatu)
  • Learn from Lei Feng Day (China)
  • National Tree Planting Day (Iran)
  • St Piran's Day (Cornwall)
  • Guam: Discovery Day (Magellan Day)
  • Australia: Labor Day (or Eight Hour Day)

  • The Week Ahead:

    Thursday, March 01, 2012

    Davy Jones Musician Has Died

    David Thomas "Davy" Jones (30 December 1945 – 29 February 2012) was an English singer-songwriter and actor best known as a member of The Monkees.

    The Martin County Sheriff's Office stated that Jones had complained of breathing difficulties on the morning of 29 February 2012, in Indiantown, Florida, and had been transported to Martin Memorial South Hospital in Stuart, where he was pronounced dead. Jones is survived by his widow, Jessica, and four daughters.

    Member of the Monkees / Wikipedia
    From 1965 to 1971, Jones was a member of The Monkees, a pop-rock group formed expressly for a television show of the same name. With Screen Gems producing the series, Jones was shortlisted for auditions, as he was the only Monkee who was signed to a deal with the studio, but still had to meet producers Bob Rafelson's and Bert Schneider's standards. Jones sang lead vocals on many of the Monkees' recordings, including "I Wanna Be Free" and "Daydream Believer". Jones met Laramy Smith in 1967, introduced by Eirik Wangberg (then a producer and co-owner of Sound Records), and they co-produced The Children, an Austin, Texas group Jones discovered while on tour with the Monkees. A single was released on Laramie Records entitled "Picture Me", which reached Billboard at number 2 with a bullet.
    After the television series went off the air, The Monkees disbanded. However, Jones continued to perform solo, while later joining with fellow Monkee Micky Dolenz and songwriters Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart as a short-lived group called Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart. He also toured throughout the years with other members as various incarnations of the Monkees.
    In February 2011, Jones mentioned rumours of another Monkees reunion. "There's even talk of putting the Monkees back together again in the next year or so for a U.S. and UK tour," he told Disney's Backstage Pass newsletter. "You're always hearing all those great songs on the radio, in commercials, movies, almost everywhere." The tour came to fruition entitled, "An Evening with The Monkees: The 45th Anniversary Tour."

    Early Life
    Davy Jones was born at 20 Leamington Street, OpenshawManchesterLancashireEngland, on 30 December 1945. At the age of 11, he began his acting career and appeared on the British television soap opera Coronation Street, which was produced at Granada Studios by Granada Television in Manchester. In 1961 Jones played Ena Sharples' grandson, Colin Lomax, the year Coronation Streetwas first broadcast. He also appeared in the BBC police series Z-Cars. However, after the death of his mother from emphysema when he was 14 years old, he left acting and trained as a jockey with Basil Foster.

    When commenting on Jones' death, Time magazine contributor James Poniewozik praised the classic sitcom, and Jones in particular, saying "even if the show never meant to be more than entertainment and a hit-single generator, we shouldn’t sell The Monkees short. It was far better television than it had to be; during an era of formulaic domestic sitcoms and wacky comedies, it was a stylistically ambitious show, with a distinctive visual style, absurdist sense of humor and unusual story structure. Whatever Jones and The Monkees were meant to be, they became creative artists in their own right, and Jones' chipper Brit-pop presence was a big reason they were able to produce work that was commercial, wholesome and yet impressively weird."

    Horse racing
    Jones was a keen horse owner and rider. Training as a jockey in his teens, Jones later said "I made one huge mistake. When The Monkees finished in 1969–70, I should have got away from Hollywood and got back into the racing game. Instead I waited another 10 years. Everyone makes mistakes in life and for me that was the biggest." He held an amateur rider's licence and rode in his first race at Newbury for trainer Toby Balding. On 1 February 1996 he won his first race, on Digpast, in the one-mile Ontario Amateur Riders' Handicap at Lingfield. Jones also horse ownership interests in both the USA and the United Kingdom and was the representative for a racecourse in Virginia.

    Personal life

    Jones was married three times, to:
    • Linda Haines;
    • Anita Pollinger; and
    • Jessica Pacheco, a Telemundo television presenter (30 August 2009).
    He also had four daughters from his first two marriages:
    • Talia Elizabeth (2 October 1968) and Sarah Lee (3 July 1971) with Haines; and
    • Jessica Lillian (4 September 1981) and Annabel Charlotte (26 June 1988) with Pollinger.
    Rest In Peace


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