Monday, April 28, 2014

Super Sunday Supper of Salmon and Zucchini

When I was a kid, you could always count on Mother serving a Super Sunday Supper. It was always the best meal of the whole week. The table was full of many dishes to choose from. Today, I take on that family tradition & make Super Sunday Suppers as well. But since I don't have so many mouths to feed; I don't make as many dishes. But... it's still a Super Sunday Supper to remember.
My Super Sunday Supper is: 
Baked Salmon and Butter fried Zucchini

Darn my photo turned out a little blurry but I already ate the meal so I couldn't take another one. Oh well - Tonight I went with huge salmon fillets with the skin on. Now I don't eat the skin like many people do but I do cook it, skin side down and then I peal off the skin before I eat it. grin~

I preheated the over to 375. Placed the fillets in olive oil and butter baking dish. Then salt, pepper, paprika and lemon was added to the top. I baked it for 20 minutes. I baked my bread in the over right along side it too.

My favorite thing to eat with baked salmon is a baked potato and buttered bread but since I was holding back on the carbohydrates on this meal I went with a veggie instead. I choose to go with zucchini. Now I'm one of those people who loves to eat zucchini. Tonight I lightly fried them in butter but I like them baked as well but I didn't have room in the over since I was baking salmon and my bread together.

Look how pretty the zucchini looks on the plate. Can you see the ridges on the sides? I have this really cool veggie cutter that makes all the veggies look really pretty. Here's a photo of mine: I got this one from Wal-Mart but Amazon sales 2 different styles. I will post the link of both of them.

Vegetable Crinkle Cutter and French Fry Slicer
New 7-Inch Wide Commercial Crinkle Cutter, Garnish Cutter, Potato Vegetable Cutter Cutting Tool, Stainless Steel

Holidays To Remember:
Is there a National Salmon Day? "An Oregon newspaper from March 1, 1916 declared March 10 to be "National Salmon Day," but that's the only reference to it I see!"

Laugh when you can...✿ Apologize when you should...✿ And let go of what you can't change...✿ Love deeply &  forgive quickly...✿ Give your everything ...✿  Love what you have... and  "Live Everyday like a Holiday"


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