Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Birthday Party Ideas

Make your kids birthday party more fun and indelible with party games, party tidbits, party decorations and much more entertainment with entertainers. Let your child to have an ultimate birthday party.  Source: http://www.a...ages-.html   Click photo to enlarge
Grand Birthday Party Ideas for Your Kids

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Monday, April 23, 2018

10 Types Of Office Sitters

The 10 types of Office Sitter Brought to you by ChairOffice.co.uk and designed by www.jessicadraws.com this infographic brings to life the 10 types of Office sitters you'll find in any workplace. Which one are you? 
Administrative Professionals' Day (also known as Secretaries' Day or Admin Day) is a day observed yearly (but not a public holiday). In some countries, it falls within Administrative Professionals' Week (the last full week of April in the United States). The day recognizes the work of secretaries, administrative assistants, receptionists, and other administrative support professionals. Typically administrative professionals are given cards, flowers, chocolates, and lunches.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

10 Things To Do With Banana Peels

Think a banana peel is only good for the trash? Guess again. Have you ever thought about where all those discarded peels end up? Yep, with the rest of the trash at the landfill, where they produce methane gas, a greenhouse gas 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide, as they rot. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, uneaten food accounts for 20% of methane emissions, which are a major contributor to global warming. Here’s a handy infographic with ideas on how you can help protect the peels! Source: http://www.s...ana-peels/
Send this to honor: National Banana Day... April 18
10 Things to Do With Banana Peels

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Saturday, April 07, 2018

The Most Popular Drunk Foods Around the World

You’re in a foreign country. You’re drunk. You’re hungry. Don’t worry — this list has you covered for buzzed feeds all around the world.

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What's Really Making you Fat

Imagine that it's time for breakfast. You have two choices: A plate of bacon and eggs or a bagel and low-fat cream cheese. Both are tempting decisions, but which one will make you fatter? Source: http://blog....ng-you-fat
Holidays To Remember: National Diet Month in January / National Nutrition Month in March / World Health Day is April 7 /

A Tale of Two Meals

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