Friday, April 18, 2014

The smell of fresh baked cake woke me up

But it wasn't what I thought

I stayed up late last night drinking coffee and doing research for my website. I finally went to bed about 2:00am. Around 4:00am the smell of fresh baked cake woke me up and it smelled soooo good. I thought..... why is my hubby baking in the middle of the night. So I crawled out of bed to go to the kitchen and have a bite of whatever he had made. To my surprise as I walked around the bed in the dark, I ran into my hubbies foot hanging off the bed. "So he's not baking afterall." He was fast asleep.

While making my way to the kitchen to investigate..... I flip on the light. The smell in the kitchen was beautifully mouthwatering. I smelled chocolate and I smelled caramel. Yummm! As I rub the sleepies from my eyes, I look on the table and "there's nothing there". I walk over to the stove, opened the door and peeped inside, searching for what fresh baked good I could take a bite of- there's nothing there either. I even feel the top of the stove to see if it's hot. "No it's cold." ??? Confused I start to look around.

And then I saw it!

I forgot and left the coffee pot on. Beside the coffee pot was a pedestal cake stand with what was left of a huge stack of cookies I made 3 days before. It seems my cats had a bit of a wrassle and knocked over the cookies. They landed on top of the heating element of the coffee pot. I was so tired I left out my caramel flavored coffee creamer and they knocked that over as well and it pored onto the cookies. To my disappointment - there was no cake baking - instead I had a simmering mess that smelt like heaven. I sadly cut off the coffee pot and cleaned up the mess. I then went back to bed to dream of cake.

On the positive side
I KNOW I'm adding that caramel coffee creamer to my next batch of chocolate cookies! 
by: Pamela Svoboda

Photo at the top:
Did you guys like my picture at the top? I took this picture around dark30 from my patio. It was so beautiful I just had to capture the moment while I could. I have more I'll post later that show the colors changing. Pam

Laugh when you can..✿. Apologize when you should..✿. And let go of what you can't change..✿. Love deeply & forgive quickly..✿ . Take chances & give your everything ..✿. Love what you have... and always remember.. that life goes on..  "Live Everyday like a Holiday' 


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