Saturday, January 15, 2005

***Have you ever had one of those days thats just Gone-ta-pott?

Have you ever had one of those day's that's just Gone-Ta-Pott!? You of those days where you could laugh and cry at the same time? Well tell us all about it right here.


Anonymous said...

Let me tell you about my families Christmas morning. We have 2 children-- age 8, age 10. The kids asked Santa to bring them their very first bikes. Well Santa placed all of the toys around the tree and 1 bike. Santa forgot to bring in the second bike from his hiding place.
~My day had gone-ta-pott when I heard my 8 year old crying because Santa forgot him. :(

After that we had a christmas dinner to go to. My wife is know for being the best cook in the family so everyone looks forward to any dish that she mades.
~My day went to pot when- while packing her casserole in a box I dropped it and it spilt all over the floor. My wife quickly had to make a pot of instant potatoes because she couldnt show up empty handed. What frowns were on everyones face when the lid was lifted to see instant food!

It was storming outside Christmas morning and the yard was a muddy mess. While loading up the kids and food and gifts to go to the christmas party....I knew my day had gone-to-pott when while in my rush I slipped in the mud and fell...dropped all the beautifully wrapped gifts I was loading.

Needless to say my wife was pissed off. Not only had I made my son cry but I distroyed the food. I dropped the gifts in the mud. I even soiled my new pants that my wife gave me for christmas.

Top this Gone-to-pott day!
Jerry -United States

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Anonymous said...

I have one. I was already running late for work and still had to get my boy to the sitters. He puked on his clothes as we were getting in the car. I ran back inside to get him a change of clothes. I grabbed the phone to call work to tell them I would be late and my phone was disconected. My work has a strong late policy. By the time I made it to work they fired me.

Anonymous said...

It really is true. The dog did eat it. My best gone-ta-pott day was in school. I had been working on a term paper for weeks and struggling at it at that. I finally finished and set it on the porch before I left for school. Our lab got it and ripped it to shreds. It made me fall to my knees. LOL! Greg/California


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