Saturday, January 15, 2005

Food Flops!

Do you have a funny FOOD FLOP story to tell? Maybe it wasn't funny to you but it was to others.....or maybe it was the most embarasssssing day of your life? We hear some of the best "First Time Cooking" stories out there! Do you wan't to tell your story to us for all to share? We can't wait to hear about it! Tell us your best FOOD FLOP!


Anonymous said...

Many years ago when I was a new young bride, I couldn't cook very good. So at supper time I tried to hide my terrible habbit of burning the food by setting a beautiful candle light supper. This way in the dark my husband wouldn't notice how ugly the food looked.

Now Im many years older and I can now cook very well! But, to this day-- when I set a candle light dinner my husband asks----
"What did you burn tonight?"
:) Mary/Memories of cooking days gone by.

Anonymous said...

I picked the Thanksgiving meal to be my first meal that I ever cooked for my inlaws. I tried my best to make the meal just perfect but hand it to my inexperience, I served a turkey that still had the plastic bag of stuff still stuffed up in the cavity. I can't tell you how embarassed I was when of all people my father-in-law grabbed a hold of the bag as he was cutting the turkey up at the dinner table, and pulled it out of the butt of the turkey. When I saw this happening, it seemed like it was all in slow motion. The whole table busted out laughing. I've never cooked a turkey since.

Anonymous said...

We had an ice cream cake for an outside birthday party when a fight in the park took our attention off the cake,when we returned to the cake it was only a puddle left


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