Sunday, January 16, 2005

Internet Love/Dating?

Ahhhh the wonderful world of the Internet! Would you like to hear the story of how my husband and I met? You guessed it..... it was a true Internet connection! More and more people these days are finding the love of their life on the Internet. Well we were no different. Stephen is from Tasmania Australia and I am from the United States and we still managed to fall in love without even seeing each other and .....Internet date!........ then it was just as the saying goes. "First comes love, second comes marriage!" ha ha ha ha ha If you would like to read our short story about our True Internet Connection. Then please feel free to click on the link and read away. This link will take you to our "About Us" page on our website. "Internet Love or Dateing" can be a touchie subject for a lot of people. Your either for it or agains't it. When you talk to people about it they are either positive about it or they think your going to get your head cut off if you ever plan to meet the person your Internet dateing with. It is a good point to be aware of what your doing and do it safely. But it is no different than having a blind date with someone you've never met. Safety is the key to everything that you do, no matter what it is. Now, do you have an Internet Love story to tell us about? If your part of the Internet Connection then by all meanssss please tell us! We would love to hear your comments. Good stories or bad experiences either one. It doesn't matter. Our readers will learn from both and gain value from your comments. :)


Bloggs said... I Know what I Like, and I like it, Have a Laugh on me

Anonymous said...

I met my wife from Germany on the Internet in 2006. We are married now and living in New York. I'm all for Internet Love but play it safe. Great Blog.


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