Saturday, August 01, 2009

National Mustard Day!

Hey ya'll today (August 1) is National Mustard Day. Now before I go on and on about mustard, everybody needs to know that this is a movable holiday. This holiday will not always be on August 1. This holiday is celebrated on the 1st Saturday of the month, each and every August. :)

I really enjoy mustard myself and there are soooo many flavors too! My Mother is crazy about sweet mustards and puts it on everything; not just chicken fingers. She likes to make her own homemade kind by mixing crushed pineapple and yellow mustard.

Me; I especially like spreading it on baking roasts, corned beef sandwiches, roast beef sandwiches and cuban sandwiches. Yummm- gosh it's 6:00 in the morning for me and talking about mustard is making me want some. I think after I finish this blog post I'm going to go fry myself up some bologna and make myself a bologna and yellow mustard sandwich (for breakfast). My gosh I love those things!

Speaking of Sandwiches, did you know that August is also National Sandwich Month? Yep it sure is! All my foodie blogging friends are going to have a field day with this one. Everybody loves sandwiches so new and improved sandwich recipes will be scattered all over the Internet this month and that's for sure. Everything from cold sandwiches, open face sandwiches to famous sandwiches :)

Fun Food Fact:
I just wanted to remind everyone that our "Holiday Food Calendar" also has a "National Sandwich Day" but it's celebrated on November 3
. Supposedly Nov. 3 is the anniversary of John Montagu's birthday. Who was he? He was a "18th century English noble, better known as the fourth Earl of Sandwich, it's said that he wanted to eat with one hand during a gambling bender. He instructed his servants to serve him lunch meat between two pieces of bread." To celebrate the occasion, Nov. 3 is officially "National Sandwich Day." Wow, neat story :)

Keep an eye out- I will be posting What's SIGNIFICANT for AUGUST soon- :) Pam


~~louise~~ said...

Happy Mustard Day!!! Thanks for the reminder about Sandwich Month. I was in such a scurry to get up today's post, I plum forgot! Sandwiches in August, let the smorgasbord begin!

~~louise~~ said...

P.S. I just updated today's post with a "formal" thank you:)

Anonymous said...

I put mustard on everything
I even like yellow mustard sandwiches with nothing else on it
Melanie from Georgia

Andrew said...

Mustard is one of the greatest condiments we have, but it seems like it will always play second fiddle to ketchup.

Anonymous said...

As a kid I loved yellow mustard sandwiches- As an adult, no way!
I eat catchup sandwiches now
Dale, upper Mississippi

Anonymous said...
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