Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hello Hello Hello! It's been a while since I put my thoughts in my blog here. I've been spending so much time on the normal day-to-day chores until I just never found the time to do it. But..... here I am to write a few lines. Now where did that spell check go? I know I'm going to need that. Hummmm, come to think of it.... one of the reasons I stopped writing in the first place was because I can't spell worth a flip and I never could get that spell check button to check my spelling. Yeah.... it's coming back to me now. You know life has Gone-ta-pott when? Well here we go with a laugh or two about how life has gone-ta-pott! Today was my off day from my real job and I spent the whole day catching up on my website ( and doing the normal day-to-day chores. One of the first things I wanted to do was get my flower bed cleaned up since I finally had the time to work on it today. Off I went singing and enjoying the morning as I started pulling the weeds out of my cute little flower bed. Then..... after about 15 minutes of work I noticed about 4 inches from my hand was a snake enjoying the shady spot of the weeds where I had neglected to keep pulled. Well..... I knew my gardening for the day had gone-ta-pott because I couldn't get the heck away from that flower bed fast enough! I was actually squatting down pulling on a weed right beside the snake when I noticed him. It scared me so bad until I tried to jump out of a squatting position and when I did I fell over backwards. I fell over backwards right on top of the little shovel that I was gardening with. ooooo my butt! Well at the time I didn't even care because all I was worried about was getting the heck out of the snakes way. That dang slithering thing got startled by me flipping and flopping all over the ground until he decided to run himself. Now tell me..... which way do you think he went? Yep you guessed it. He came sliding right to me and when he did I jumped up as fast as I could dragging the shovel that was stuck in my ripped pants behind me. That was the end of that! I ran back in the house and not only was I mad because my quality time in my little flower bed was spoiled by a snake..... but I broke my shovel..... ripped a hole in my pants..... stubbed my toe and got the biggest butt bruise I've had in years. Well at least I got the flower bed watered. !!!!!! Auto-Surfing Goshhhhh the Internet is exploding with news on the surfing Industry. Seems like everyone is desperitely (how do you spell desperitely? hummm..... my spell check button is freezing again) $%^&$^%$*& wanting a way to make money from home. Read our Surfing News & Updates and catch up on what's going on in the Industry.


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