Friday, December 28, 2007

First Foot Day

First Foot Day marks the beginning of the New Year and is said to bring luck. Who dares to enter your home first on New Year's Day? Did you know that First Foot Day celebrates a tradition for many families in the US which has to do with who steps first in your house on this day? Yessss in deed! Visit First Foot Day to find out about it's traditions and customs.

Traditional Foods of New Years

Happy New Years everyone! We all have to agree that New Years is one Holiday that is celebrated all over the world .... so for fun we have listed a few foods that are traditional from around the world. Join us, tell us what food is traditional on your table at New Years. traditional_new_years_food Photo: In the South, there is a tradition: "Eat poor on New Year's Day, eat rich the rest of the year." This is the traditional meal - pork (ham in this case), collard greens, and black-eyed peas with cornbread.

Eating noodles at midnight is customary at Buddhist temples in Japan. A German/Pennsylvania Dutch tradition is to eat pork and sauerkraut on New Year's day for good luck. Eating pickled herring as the first bite of the New Year brings good luck to those of Polish descent. In the Philippines, it is important to have food on the table at midnight in order to insure an abundance of food in the upcoming year. Boiled Cod is a New Year's Eve must in Denmark. Olie Bollen is a donut-like fritter that is popular in Holland for New Year.

New Years!

new year fireworks 3 Originally uploaded by prajuvikas
Happy New Years everyone! We all have to agree that New Years is one Holiday that is celebrated all over the world. For some great New Years fun and New Years fun facts make sure you read our New Years pages at

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

National Apple Month!

National Apple Month is actually runs for 3 whole months! September, October and November.

"National Apple Month is a restricted-fund (financially self-supporting) program of the U.S. Apple Association. Originally founded in 1904 as National Apple Week, it was expanded in 1996 to a three-month promotional window from September through November."

A survey by the American Pie Council and Crisco found that apple pie is the favorite flavor among one out of four Americans, followed by pumpkin, chocolate, lemon meringue, and cherry.

The term "as American as apple pie" traces back to 14th century England. The Pilgrims brought their pie-making skills, along with the apple seeds to America. As the popularity of apple pie spread throughout the nation, the phrase grew to symbolize American prosperity. Source:

Another date to remember is December 1st. This is eat a pie day and eat a red apple day.

For more on apples visit

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

National Nachos Day!

Cheesy Nachos Originally uploaded by pamelasvoboda
Extra Cheesy Nachos! You can find my picture on A great photo sharing site. November 6 each and every year is National Nachos Day. Just about everybody loves nachos so in honor of National Nacho Day make your family a fun snack and enjoy this meaty and cheesy treat. See my how-to video.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Peanut Butter Pumpkins

Peanut Butter Pumpkins
This great Photo is by gina64 of

Peanut Butter Pumpkins
Originally uploaded by gina64
This recipe is just perfect for November because not only is it National Peanut Butter Lovers Month but it's Thanksgiving as well. This recipe is peanut butter all the way and you cant go wrong with pumpkins in November either. What a great recipe to serve at your Thanksgiving dinner.

Hey.... put this recipe on your Halloween list too! At Halloween you know how everybody is looking for food that has great visual appeal and this is one treat that just perfect for all the fall Holiday's.

Melt one package of Reese's peanut butter chips and mix with a can of vanilla frosting. Add food coloring. Separate a little bit of the dough and color green for stems. Refrigerate for one hour. Roll into balls, score with a knife and squish them a little between thumb and forefinger. Poke holes in top of pumpkin with a toothpick. Make stems from the green dough or use pretzels and stick 'em in the top.
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National Peanut Butter Lovers Month

Originally uploaded by Lampy

November is National Peanut Butter Lovers Month and humans are not the only ones who love peanut butter! This great photo is by Lampy from and has to be one of my favorite squirrel photos. I love squirrels myself and I also enjoy feeding them corn and peanut butter. They absolutelyyyy love it!

Kids craft idea
You can buy dried corn-on-the-cob in the pet section of wal-mart, it is usually located near the bird seed. Or you can buy it at your local lumber store like Home Depot in the Garden Center area. Try spreading the dry corn-on-the-cob with peanut butter then roll it in bird seed and sunflower seeds. Drill a hole through the top of the cob..... tread some wire or string through it so you can hang it from a tree limb. This is so much fun for the kids to do and it's so much fun to watch the squirrels and birds eat it all week long too! It's a great learning experience for everybody.

National Doughnut Day!

krispy kreme doughnuts Originally uploaded by Jana Mills
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts! This great picture is by Jana Mills / on November 5th is National Doughnut Day each and every year! What a great sweet treat. A doughnut, or donut, is a sweet, deep-fried piece of dough or batter. The two most common types are the torus-shaped ring doughnut and the filled doughnut, a flattened sphere injected with jam/jelly, cream, custard, or another sweet filling. A small spherical piece of dough, originally made from the middle of a ring doughnut, may be cooked as a doughnut hole. Possible origins Doughnuts have a disputed history. One theory suggests that they were introduced into North America by Dutch settlers, who were responsible for popularizing other American desserts, including cookies, cream pie, and cobbler. This theory is bolstered by the fact that in the mid-19th Century doughnuts were called by the Dutch name "olykoeks," literally translated, "oily cakes." However, there is also archaeological evidence that the pastries were prepared by prehistoric Native Americans in southwestern USA.... Hanson Crockett Gregory, an American, claimed to have invented the ring-shaped doughnut in 1847 aboard a lime-trading ship when he was only sixteen years old.... Find more information about doughnuts on Well guys..... theres a krispy kreme doughnut shop just right down the road from me so I think I'm going to make my way there this morning and have doughnuts and coffee for breakfast! Ohhh yeah!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

National Candy Day!

Caramels (Recipe)
Originally uploaded by Ruthieki
The great homemade candy photo is by Ruthieki from See the Caramels Recipe for this photo.

November 4 is the official day for National Candy Day. You would think that we had enough of candy since we just finished with Halloween but I thought we could talk about real homemade candy today instead of store bought candy which is what Halloween is mostly about.

If you click on the photo it will take you to the recipe to make lovely homemade Caramels. I enjoy making these myself during Thanksgiving and Christmas both. I just love to see a huge bowl of caramels where the rappers have been hand twisted. It looks fantastic and guys...... this homemade treat is a real memory for kids I assure you. You might want to make it a tradition in your family too.

Do you have a handmade candy recipe? Share it with us guys. I'm ready for a new one to add to my recipe collection.

For more candy fun visit:

Saturday, November 03, 2007

National Sandwich Day!

Reuben Sandwich Originally uploaded by Cinara's Place
Happy Sandwich Day! Reuben Sandwich. November 3rd each and every year is National Sandwich Day. This is one Holiday that I think we will all agree is a great Holiday. There are absolutely thousands of sandwich recipes from around the world so friends I don't think we could ever run out of them. The one I have pictured here is the ever so popular "Reuben Sandwich." This great photo is by Cinara's Place from flickr. The Reuben sandwich is a grilled or toasted sandwich made with either corned beef or pastrami, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and either Russian dressing or Thousand Island dressing. It is typically made with rye bread, though originally it may have been served on pumpernickel bread. The origins of the Reuben are disputed. One account says that Reuben Kulakofsky (sometimes spelled Reubin), a grocer from Omaha, Nebraska, was the inventor, perhaps as part of a group effort by members of Kulakofsky's weekly poker game held in the Blackstone Hotel from around 1920 through 1935. The participants, who nicknamed themselves "the committee," included the hotel's owner, Charles Schimmel. The sandwich first gained local fame when Schimmel put it on the Blackstone's lunch menu...... Descendants of Arnold Reuben, owner of the now defunct Reuben Restaurant on 58th Street in New York City, also claim the invention. They maintain that Reuben created the sandwich in 1914..... From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Do you know what the #1 Sandwich is in the United States? It's the Grill Cheese Sandwich! Kids just love them!

National Split Pea Soup Week

Split Pea Soup (Recipe) Originally uploaded by Ruthieki
The 2nd week in November is National Split Pea Soup week! The great split pea soup photo is by Ruthieki from flickr with recipe.

I know many people love this soup but I didn't grow up eating this soup at all. I know your not going to believe this but I ate this soup for the first time when I was about 40 years old. I found a bag of split peas at the grocery store that had a split pea recipe on the back. Well...... I followed the recipe which seemed pretty plain. It was mainly just peas, dried onions and chicken stock. I let it simmer for about 4 hours and it was ready. I thought to myself... hummm, so this is split pea soup?? The greyish green color was a turn off for me and I have to say the taste of my soup was not much better. hahaha! I later found many other split pea recipes that were a lot more colorful and full of other tasty ingredients like carrots, potatoes, onions, celery etc. Now that's more like it!! Read our Article Soups Not Just for Eating
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Friday, November 02, 2007

National Deviled Egg Day!

Eggs stuffed w/ Goat Cheese Originally uploaded by jbaugher
Here we go everybody. Today is National Deviled Egg Day and I found this great looking picture uploaded by jbaugher from flickr . The picture is deviled eggs stuffed with goat cheese. The recipe came from our favorite TV host from the food network- Mrs. Paula Deen. What else can we say about this Holiday except deviled eggs have got to be the most popular horsd'oeuvre there is. (hey how do you spell horsdoeurve any way?) We found through our research that deviled eggs are also known as stuffed eggs too. We also found out that many of the recipes you find for deviled eggs are just egg salad recipes too. So if your searching out recipes for deviled eggs and find out that you can't find very many..... then just look for Egg Salad Recipes. And just so you know..... there even a National Egg Salad Week too. When I was a kid we always had deviled eggs all throughout the year. We ate them with our meals many times and especially at our Sunday Dinners. I was raised on the basic recipe and I love them as much today as I did growing up. I love that paprika sprinkled on top. Do you have a Deviled Egg Recipe? Tell us about your favorite. Read more on National Deviled Egg Day with basic recipes.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

National Cat Week!

My Cat Smokey Originally uploaded by pamelasvoboda
Hello hello hello! I trust everyone had a spooktactular Halloween. I know I sure did. It's now November 1st and I wanted to let everyone know that the first week in November is always National Cat Week. The picture you see here is a pic of my very own cat Smokey Dumpster. He's a beauty and quite the show off. He loves to roll around showing his fangs all the time. LOL! Visit Here for more pictures of him. You can even see picture of our other cats too. We have 7 of them! Please love your cats and do something special for them in honor of National Cat Week. Buy your cat a new cat toy or give him a special treat this week. Maybe your cat would like a new cat bed to sleep in or a new cat blanket. They love those. Or maybe.... you could go down to the animal shelter ( and save a cats life today. Think about cats and celebrate National Cat Week. They will love you for it.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Originally uploaded by Wabana
Hello everyone and Happy Halloween to you all! Halloween is such a fun and creative Holiday. I just love all the fantastic pumpkin carvings that you find and they just keep getting better and better each and every year. Once it gets dark outside, it's really fun to walk down the street in my community and see all the glowing jack-o-lanterns. It really puts a big grin on my face. Pumpkins have gained so much popularity during Halloween. We decorate with them, we do craft projects with the kids with pumpkins, we roast pumpkin seeds for snacks, and we cook every type of recipe that you can think of with pumpkin. Everything from pumpkin pies, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bread to pumpkin soup. Are you ready to send some great Pumpkin E-Greetings? Well we have found some really fun ones that you can send to all your friends and family. Have fun wishing them a Happy Halloween. FREE Pumpkin Internet Greetings. Learn more about Pumpkins Click Here for more pumpkin

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

National Candy Corn Day!

In honor of National Candy Corn Day here's a snack recipe for you. How do you like to eat candy corn?


1/2 c. butter
10 c. Rice Krispies cereal
9 c. miniature marshmallows
2 c. mixture of original candy corn and Indian candy corn
3/4 c. miniature chocolate chips
Candy pumpkins
Yellow and red food colouring
Lightly grease a large baking pan.

Melt butter and marshmallows in medium sauce pan over medium heat; stir until smooth.
In a large bowl, mix cereal, candy corn, and miniature chocolate chips together.

To marshmallow mixture, blend in 2 drops yellow food coloring and 1 drop red food coloring, adding more coloring if necessary to reach an orange shade.

Add marshmallow mixture to cereal mixture; stir quickly to combine. Spread mixture onto the large pan and press with buttered hands. While warm, press the candy pumpkins on top. Let cool; cut into squares.

Monday, October 29, 2007

National Pancake Day!

comfort food !;-) Originally uploaded by C Mariani
Comfort Food! ;-) Yes my friends today, October 29th is National Pancake Day and after looking at this mouth watering stack in this photo.... I'm taking my happy self to the kitchen and make myself some pancakes to snack on. This photo really makes you want to do just that. I just love pancakes with fruit, nuts and smothered with sweet syrup. Hey! I need whip cream on mine too though. Yep, give me pancakes for dessert! I'll take it any day. For pancake recipes visit

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Four Layer Delight

Four Layer Delight Originally uploaded by pamelasvoboda
It's National Chocolate Day! This cold,chocolate pudding dessert is traditional for our family at Christmas time. In honor of today being National Chocolate Day I thought I would add this great dessert so you could get the recipe.

National Chocolate Day

Today is National Chocolate Day! October 28 find chocolate information and recipes Here History of Chocolate Chocolate Through the Years The story of chocolate, as far back as we know it, begins with the discovery of America. Until 1492, the Old World knew nothing at all about the delicious and stimulating flavor that was to become the favorite of millions. The Court of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella got its first look at the principal ingredient of chocolate when Columbus returned in triumph from America and laid before the Spanish throne a treasure trove of many strange and wonderful things. Among these were a few dark brown beans that looked like almonds and seemed most unpromising. There were cocoa beans, today's source of all our chocolate and cocoa...... read the rest -


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

September 2007

September is here and so are all the September Holiday's! September is National Food Month of: National Breakfast Month National Biscuit Month National Chicken Month National Cholesterol Awareness Month National Honey Month National Mushroom Month National Organic Harvest Month National Papaya Month National Potato Month National Rice Month National Apple Month (US National) National Ice Cream Sandwich Month It's National Month of: Cable TV Month, Baby Safety Month, National Rice month, Modern Rock Month Classical Music Month, National Piano Month, Save the Tiger Month, Adult Literacy Month Grandparents Month, Pink Flamingo Month, College Savings Month, National Sewing Month National Potato Month, Self Improvement Month, National Nutrition Month, Self-Improvement Month, Read a new book month, National Hispanic Month National Courtesy Month, Emergency Care Month, National Chicken Month, American Heritage Month, Library Card signup month, Children's Good Manner Month National Sight Saving Month, Women of Achievement Month, National School Success Month, National Little League Month, Children's Eye Health and Safety Month National Campus Safety Month,National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Cholesterol Education-Awareness Month, Be Kind to Writers & Editors Month International Self-Awareness Month, National Mushroom Month American Newspaper Month, National Beach Cleanup Month, Food Education Safety Month Food Allergy Awareness Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, Marriage Health Month National Coupon Month, Ethnic Foods Month

Thursday, June 14, 2007

June 14, 2007

It's June 14th and that means its National Flag Day today.
Celebrate the birthday of the U.S. National flag and hoist it high.
Share the pride and the glory of the nation with friends, family and loved ones. Send them cute and patriotic e-cards.
The National Flag Day Foundations mission is to carry on the tradition of the first flag day observance. Here's a the Flag Day fact: President Wilson, on June 14, 1916, issued a proclamation calling for a nation wide observance of Flag Day.

June 14th is also......

Pig Callers Day

US Army Started
Family History Day
Blue's Clues Debuted
International Peace Prayer Day
Pop Goes the Weasel Day
United States Army Created
Sandpaper Invented (1834)
Blood Type Awareness Day

What's In the News

Pepsi Co has unveiled a cucumber-flavoured variant in Japan.

Pepsi Ice Cucumber was released nationwide this week, the company said, and will only be available through the summer.

"I wonder what that's going to taste like?"

Happy Father's Day!

This Sunday is Father's Day and I want to wish each and every one of you Dad's out there a Wonderful Father's Day. We have a new page in our website with some great Father's Day facts. Visit it here.

A Dad is our first hero, our coach, our support. He is someone we look up to all our lives. On Father's Day don't forget to wish your Dad a great day. Here's a page with some cute FREE e-greeting that you can send over the Internet.

Ittie Bittie the cat has been sad for several weeks now because he finally ripped to pieces his favorite gray toy mouse. It's been so funny watching him drag the tail to the body and drop it... then drag the head of the mouse over to the tail and body and drop it. He just stands over them as if by magic they are going to put themselves back together again. He taps on the head and meows..... he taps on the tail and meows. Then he sadly walks away.

We have search high and low for weeks trying to find another gray furry mouse but with no success. We buy other mice for him but he turns his head away sadly as if his best friend left him forever. Wellllll I'm happy to say that Ittie Bittie the cat is now happy happy happy because we finally found a gray furry mouse just like his old one and brought it home to him. He has been playing with it for hours and he is now tuckered out and sleeping. And yes you guessed it.... his favorite gray mouse is sleeping by his side.

June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month.
Please everyone..... if you are thinking of getting a new cat please think about getting one from a shelter. They have been through a lot and really need your love and help. If you go to our website at you will find a great shelter link on the left hand side of the page. Each day this link will change with a new picture of an animal that is up for adoption. We love our animals! Please adopt.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

June 5, 2007

Rose Month
I love roses of all kinds and in fact my Mother even named me Rose. hahaha! Pamela Rose to be exact. The month of June is Rose Month. "Roses... whether in praises of poets, in paintings of artists, or in the hands of lovers, they have always been admired and desired." So why not take this Rose Month to spread the joy and love that awaits in these pretty rose egreetings that you can send to your friends and family to make them feel special. 123greetings has a really pretty list to choose from.

June 5,
Teacher's Day
First Hot Air Balloon Flight (1783)
World Environment Day
National Gingerbread Day
National Attitude Day

Monday, June 04, 2007

June 4, 2007

Hello Everybody! Most of our regular readers will notice that our website is in the process of taking on a whole new look. We have decided to simplify the information on each of the pages and we have also decided to change the sites color to black. For those of you who are reading our blog for the first time..... our website is a National Holiday Directory where we keep you up with all the National Holidays. It's a fun site and we love the new look of it and hope that you will too. It's June and here are the "Dates To Remember." ITS NATIONAL WEEK OF? Week One National Family Week National Fishing Week Teacher Thank You Week America the Beautiful Week National Hug Holiday Week Brain Tumor Awareness Week National Headache Awareness Week North American Occupational Safety and Health Week Healthcare Executives Appreciation week International Volunteer Week National Safe Boating week National Fragrance Week (aromatherapy) Step-Parents Week June 4, It's National Day of- Cheese Day Old Maid's Day Radial Tire Birthday Socrates's Birthday Apple Computer Day Children's Awareness Memorial Day Born in the USA Day (released 1984) Shopping Cart Birthday (1937) National Cancer Survivors Day While doing our research for "June" we found out that June is National Iced Tea Month. History of how Iced Tea began: ....It all began on a hot summer day in June 1904, in a city on the banks of the Mississippi River. It was the Worlds Fair and exhibitors throughout the grounds were working to attract fair goers to their booths and ultimately promote their ideas or products. Among them was Englishman Richard Blechynden, representing Indian tea growers; he was overseeing one of the opulent pavilions. Decorated in the finest silks, and staffed by Indian men dressed in traditional garb, who were all meticulously trained in proper tea service, Richard anxiously awaited the opportunity to introduce the finest black teas India had to offer to the crowd of fair goers... read the rest of the story.


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