Saturday, September 08, 2007

September 2007

September is here and so are all the September Holiday's! September is National Food Month of: National Breakfast Month National Biscuit Month National Chicken Month National Cholesterol Awareness Month National Honey Month National Mushroom Month National Organic Harvest Month National Papaya Month National Potato Month National Rice Month National Apple Month (US National) National Ice Cream Sandwich Month It's National Month of: Cable TV Month, Baby Safety Month, National Rice month, Modern Rock Month Classical Music Month, National Piano Month, Save the Tiger Month, Adult Literacy Month Grandparents Month, Pink Flamingo Month, College Savings Month, National Sewing Month National Potato Month, Self Improvement Month, National Nutrition Month, Self-Improvement Month, Read a new book month, National Hispanic Month National Courtesy Month, Emergency Care Month, National Chicken Month, American Heritage Month, Library Card signup month, Children's Good Manner Month National Sight Saving Month, Women of Achievement Month, National School Success Month, National Little League Month, Children's Eye Health and Safety Month National Campus Safety Month,National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Cholesterol Education-Awareness Month, Be Kind to Writers & Editors Month International Self-Awareness Month, National Mushroom Month American Newspaper Month, National Beach Cleanup Month, Food Education Safety Month Food Allergy Awareness Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, Marriage Health Month National Coupon Month, Ethnic Foods Month

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Anonymous said...

I love September and I love the Holidays. Thank you for making a blog about all of them. HolidayHappyHannah


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