Friday, November 02, 2007

National Deviled Egg Day!

Eggs stuffed w/ Goat Cheese Originally uploaded by jbaugher
Here we go everybody. Today is National Deviled Egg Day and I found this great looking picture uploaded by jbaugher from flickr . The picture is deviled eggs stuffed with goat cheese. The recipe came from our favorite TV host from the food network- Mrs. Paula Deen. What else can we say about this Holiday except deviled eggs have got to be the most popular horsd'oeuvre there is. (hey how do you spell horsdoeurve any way?) We found through our research that deviled eggs are also known as stuffed eggs too. We also found out that many of the recipes you find for deviled eggs are just egg salad recipes too. So if your searching out recipes for deviled eggs and find out that you can't find very many..... then just look for Egg Salad Recipes. And just so you know..... there even a National Egg Salad Week too. When I was a kid we always had deviled eggs all throughout the year. We ate them with our meals many times and especially at our Sunday Dinners. I was raised on the basic recipe and I love them as much today as I did growing up. I love that paprika sprinkled on top. Do you have a Deviled Egg Recipe? Tell us about your favorite. Read more on National Deviled Egg Day with basic recipes.


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