Saturday, November 03, 2007

National Sandwich Day!

Reuben Sandwich Originally uploaded by Cinara's Place
Happy Sandwich Day! Reuben Sandwich. November 3rd each and every year is National Sandwich Day. This is one Holiday that I think we will all agree is a great Holiday. There are absolutely thousands of sandwich recipes from around the world so friends I don't think we could ever run out of them. The one I have pictured here is the ever so popular "Reuben Sandwich." This great photo is by Cinara's Place from flickr. The Reuben sandwich is a grilled or toasted sandwich made with either corned beef or pastrami, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and either Russian dressing or Thousand Island dressing. It is typically made with rye bread, though originally it may have been served on pumpernickel bread. The origins of the Reuben are disputed. One account says that Reuben Kulakofsky (sometimes spelled Reubin), a grocer from Omaha, Nebraska, was the inventor, perhaps as part of a group effort by members of Kulakofsky's weekly poker game held in the Blackstone Hotel from around 1920 through 1935. The participants, who nicknamed themselves "the committee," included the hotel's owner, Charles Schimmel. The sandwich first gained local fame when Schimmel put it on the Blackstone's lunch menu...... Descendants of Arnold Reuben, owner of the now defunct Reuben Restaurant on 58th Street in New York City, also claim the invention. They maintain that Reuben created the sandwich in 1914..... From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Do you know what the #1 Sandwich is in the United States? It's the Grill Cheese Sandwich! Kids just love them!

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Cinara said...

Hi, Pam and Stephen!
I am glad you liked my Reuben Sandwich picture! Thanks for the link! I really enjoyed your blog, it's full of interesting and fun facts... I never knew there were so many food holidays in the US! I'll be visiting you often to learn more about it. ;o) Best regards from Brazil!


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