Thursday, November 01, 2007

National Cat Week!

My Cat Smokey Originally uploaded by pamelasvoboda
Hello hello hello! I trust everyone had a spooktactular Halloween. I know I sure did. It's now November 1st and I wanted to let everyone know that the first week in November is always National Cat Week. The picture you see here is a pic of my very own cat Smokey Dumpster. He's a beauty and quite the show off. He loves to roll around showing his fangs all the time. LOL! Visit Here for more pictures of him. You can even see picture of our other cats too. We have 7 of them! Please love your cats and do something special for them in honor of National Cat Week. Buy your cat a new cat toy or give him a special treat this week. Maybe your cat would like a new cat bed to sleep in or a new cat blanket. They love those. Or maybe.... you could go down to the animal shelter ( and save a cats life today. Think about cats and celebrate National Cat Week. They will love you for it.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your cat Smokey is a "COOL CAT"! His teeth are rad. We have a gray cat who is named Smokey but all he does is sleep. I say cool beans for National Cat Week!


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