Thursday, July 30, 2009

We say goodbye to July and hot dogs

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Ahhhhh- it's the last day of National Hot Dog month and I have to tell you I really hate to see it go. I have had a hot dog of a time (giggle~) doing research on the many types of hot dogs and I have to tell you I don't think I have ever ate so many hot dogs in all my life. As I was reading all the different ways that hot dogs are ate around the world; I found myself cooking up another hot dog so I could see what it tasted like ;) I love hot dogs anyway and testing out new flavors was right up my alley. I can literally say I ate hot dogs all month long- Even though we say goodbye to hot dogs we are replacing it with August and National Sandwich Month. (is a hot dog a sandwich? there are those that say it's not) Either way we are in for another month of combined flavors in a sandwich once again and I couldn't be happier ;) Goodbye hot dog month and hellooooo National Sandwich month!


Andrew said...

As great as Hot Dog Month is for the summer grilling season, Sandwich Month offers more varieties. There are only so many ways you can dress and prepare a hot dog, but the combinations for sandwiches are seemingly endless.

Gone-ta-pott said...

I have to agree with you Andrew :) You worded it perfectly when you said- "Combinations for sandwiches are seemingly endless"

Also: I Love your awareness date blog!

Anonymous said...

Go Hot Dogs! I like every month! Even winter month!
The hot dog eater

Gone-ta-pott said...

Have any of you ever ate the Godfather hot dog before? It's a chicken weenie with cooked onions and mushrooms with swiss cheese melted on top- with a drizzle of italian dressing- It's really good!

Anonymous said...

Looking at this picture really makes you want a hot dog

I have ate a godfather hot dog before and its really good
I didn't know the name but the ingredients are the same


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