Sunday, August 02, 2009

August 2: Ice cream sandwich day

ice cream sandwiches Originally uploaded by saucy dragonfly
Today is National Ice Cream Sandwich day and it's just what I need on a hot day like today. I like this photo because it shows us that it's possible to make homemade ice cream sandwiches. We all know the store bought kind with the blackish cookie and white ice cream right- well this ice cream sandwich is made with homemade chocolate chip cookies and rolled in sprinkles. What a perfect idea for a kids party! You could also roll in in nuts or chocolate chips, or bake your favorite cookie if chocolate chip is not for you. I've made them myself with sugar cookies but my hubby would rather have the chocolate chip cookie. Give it a try guys- Happy National Ice Cream Sandwich Day! Ice Cream Sandwich Birthday Cake I helped with a birthday party one time where we served a stack of frozen ice cream sandwiches in the shape of a cake and had a birthday candle in each one. You see this done all the time with cupcakes but that was the first for ice cream sandwiches. I have to say it was beautiful but you really have to serve it up quick!!! giggle~ Speaking of birthdays.... today is my brother Birthday so I would like to say "Happy Birthday Alan" :) photo: ice cream sandwiches -Originally uploaded by saucy dragonfly


Anonymous said...

I like the idea. I'm going to use it for my 12 year old's birthday party. She likes purple. I wonder if I can find purple sprinkles.

Andrew said...

That sounds like a really great idea. I especially love the fact that nobody has to cut the "cake" and hand out slices to people.

Anonymous said...

We made sugar cookie ice cream sandwiches as a project for my kids. They did great! Thank you for your recipes and cookie facts. Jane, (teaching from home)


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