Monday, October 31, 2011

outdoor cooking in a cauldron

Photo pick: Outdoor cooking session

I do more outdoor cooking in a cauldron during the Autumn season than any other time of the year. Grant you fire side cooking that in tells of roasted weenies and fiery marshmallows on chocolate and peanutbutter take first place in the summer time but when the weather gets cold, out comes the cauldron. (smores)

Simmer slowly in a pot:
When it's cold outside I like to stew meals that will simmer slowly so I can watch the fall colors of the fire turning yellow, orange and red. I love to hear the sound of the ambers popping and cracking with the rythem of each little stewing bubble too. Sitting by the fire watching the food cook is so relaxing. The food smells good and the fire feels so warm. This is truly a favorite thing to do.

My very favorite meals to cauldron:
When it's cold outside my first choice is chili. It doesn't matter if it's red chili or white chili, I just love chili. I guess that's the first choice for most people isint it? I mean really, who doesn't like chili con carna? Hummm... my husband doesn't that's who. Yep I don't cook it very often because my hubby just doesn't care for beans. Disappointing for me but I still sneak it in when company is coming over. Other cauldron favorites are harvest stews and brunswich stew. And oh yes... for Halloween I have to make a stewing pot of my witches black brew stew. My stew is purple/ black in color and full of gross looking veggies like mushrooms, turnip greens and such. Cook up some corn bread on the fire to go with it and you have nothing more than a warming good meal.

Enjoy Life: Have some outdoor cooking in a cauldron. It's fun!
If you enjoy cauldron cooking let us know. We would love to hear your story.
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 In need of a cauldron? has them!


Anonymous said...

I'm from Texas where we do a lot of fireside cooking. BBQ Beans are best.

susane said...

Thank you for the good times in your blog. I am often in position to watch (again and again) these wonderful items you shared. Very interesting. All the best !

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