Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 10 is National Smores Day!

by podchef

August 10 is National Smores Day and it's also the first day of school for many areas. What a wonderful treat it would be to make smores for the kids as a celebration of making it through the first day of school.
This photo says it all. It make's me want to reach right into the picture and grab up that smore and eat it.
I've never made homemade smores myself but this one looks deeeelishhhh.

If you make homemade smore and have a recipe, give us a link.
Happy Smores Day everyone!


Lisa said...

This recipe does look delicious! I found some more yummy s'mores recipes. You can get to them by checking out my blog at lisalovesholiday.blogspot.com

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