Thursday, August 12, 2010

Events Starting August 12, 2010

  • National Hobo Convention begins at Britt, IA (Aug 12-15). Held every year since 1900.
  • Switzerland: Lucerne Festival in Summer (Aug 12-Sept 18). See
  • Hope Watermelon Festival, Hope, AR (Aug 12-14). See
  • Iowa, Missouri and Skowhegan (Maine) state fairs begin.
  • Channel Islands: Jersey Battle of Flowers begins (Aug 12-13).
  • Great River Tug Fest takes place at Port Byron, IL, and LeClaire, IA (Aug 12-14). The only tug-of-war across the Mississippi River. See


snobs said...

What a fun resource! We at are buzzed - it is helping to inspire our caffeinated editorial calendar. Thanks!

voyante said...

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