Thursday, August 03, 2006

August 03, 2006

Hello Hello Hello! It was my day off today and I spent it paying bills, buying groceries and scooping cat litter poop. Yep I usually spend my off days from my real job surfing the Internet on auto-surfing sites and updating our website. This time I thought I would take the day off from it all and catch up on my daily chores. After all...... with closing and at a stand still right now why not right. Only those people who buy advertising will know what I'm talking about. Early this morning about 6:00 am -I was enjoying a relaxed day at my computer checking emails and reading my favorite blogs. I usually do this while Stephen is in the shower getting ready for work. The blog I was reading was Surfboard's Online Money. Imagine my surprise when I was reading his news (with my feet propped up with coffee in hand...) when I ran right into our very own link! Well I gulped really hard and said... ahhh O! What's this........! Not knowing what to expect-- You see.... we have a quite little website and a quite little blog and it was quite shocking to be reading a paragraph and find out that the paragraph your reading is describing you. Someone that we didn't even know too. You know how blogs go I'm sure. You never know what anybody is going to say about you! hahahaha! Well..... I called for my wet and towel wrapped hubby and in his Australian way of talking he reads what it says and then says...."Good On Ya." Anyway, Surfboard Thanks for giving us a bit of a punt on your postings and placing us in your surfboard line up as well. It's really great to get a link back to our website. Readers.... If you want to read an informative blog then don't miss Surfboards Online Money. It's a well laid out site and full of great information about making money with the Internet. You will find us listed under "Surfboard's Info Sites." The hot coffee pot is brewing again and the smell of the deep dark roast is filling the house full of that soothing morning coffee smell. The real cream and the coconut creamer is sitting neatly beside the coffee pot waiting to be pored in the coffee. While I was waiting for the brewing to finish, I settled back into my computer and was well on my way at typing when all of a sudden I heard it. crashhhhh! bangggg! bam! crack! I ran to the kitchen and....... I should of known. I should of known not to leave the real cream sitting on the kitchen counter unattended especially when you have cats. Nothing attracts a cat more than milk does and you guessed it. While Batman the cat was trying to get to the cream he knocked off a canister above the sink and it fell right on the breakfast dishes that I had ready to serve up breakfast on. The canister was so heavy that it busted 2 of my sea shell design dishes that I loved so much. ^$^$#%#$%#*(& Today was a wet and rainy day. I always did hate having to drive in the rain but I did it anyway. I had to get to the bank and pay those bills ya know. After all my running around in town was finished I met Stephen for lunch. We ate at one of the local pizza places and filled our bellies full. By this time the rain had settled down and we watched the steam coming off of the parking lot pavement; from the window of the pizza place. You know it always does that after a rain. Once Stephens lunch hour was over I gave hubby a hug and a kiss and I came home. When trying to bring the groceries in the door, Batman does his normal and jumps on my butt and hangs there and meows. For some reason he does the every single day as if he is giving me a big cat claw hug. Well I pulled all the groceries out of the bags and proceeded to put the can goods away first. Then I turned around to put the bag of meatballs that I got in the freezer. But..... where did they go? I thought I left them here. Now where did I put those meatballs. Hummmmmm. I had a sinking suspicion that I better start looking for them as sure enough I found them. I looked down the hall way and there I saw a small bag of meatballs scampering down the hall. $#@&**$#@ Finally..... put the groceries away and back on the computer I went. I tried to log into but found that I couldn't. The word is the site is under a Ddos attack. Aint that just great. Well that's it for me and the computer today as well. I better go get those towels out of the dryer and fold them. By the time I finish that it will be time to get supper cooking. Ahhhh here comes the thunder and rain again too. I guess the satelite will go out any minute now. I better publish this before it does. Bye everyone!

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