Thursday, August 24, 2006

August 24, 2006

Happy Birthday! I would like to send out a Happy Birthday wish to my husband Stephen who is 43 today. He is at work right now but when he gets home I will have his favorite birthday cake baked and ready. He loves Chocolate and he loves coconut so I've combined the 2 and made a "Chocolate Walnut Coconut Cake". Yummieeeee! Put a big glass of milk with it, or maybe a big cup of hot coffee..... and just sink into sweetness. LOL! Auto-Surfing Well.... another week has passed that I didn't get any payout from Dadndaves for last months request. 30 more days have passed by and I have requested my second payout. Both are pending. I've made a decision where I'm not going to buy anymore advertising units anywhere until somebody somewhere pays me some money to work with. Looks like I'm dead in the water right now and I just don't feel comfortable putting in new money right now. In order to get my website rotated... I think I'm just going to surf on sites where I can be a free member for a while. Maybe September will hold more interest for me. Catsville Hummmm..... it looks like Ittie Bittie has taken all of my ink pins off my desk again. That little cat has a fascination for pins and markers and now he has taken them out of my pin holder again. He usually takes them to the garage so I will have to go and find them if I can. Dolphinswink Blog I was reading on blog today and saw the great picture of the manatees. She has a link on her site that if any of you are interested, you can go to the "Save the Manatees Petition" link and help this beautiful animal. I had the pleasure a few years ago to live beside a creek that lead to a large bay that led to the ocean. Each week I would go down to the pier in hope of seeing a mother manatee and her 1 baby who loved to swim this long channel all the time. If they were in the area I would go down the ladder in the water and touch and caress them. They are so beautiful and not scary at all. Many times I would take a head of lettuce down with me when I went just in case they were there. They loved eating the lettuce from my hands and I just loved rubbing my hands on their big nose and feeling their big snout and their mouth. They even have whiskers! smileeeee--- They will even let you hug them. It was a memory that I will always remember. Unfortunately..... a bad storm came one night and it Lasted for about 3 days. The manatees couldn't be found. Locals say that they swam up in shallow waters trying to get away from the storm and the weather was to cold for them in shallow waters in winter time. Why in the world they would go to shallow water just doesn't make any sense but I guess we will never know. They were both found dead. It was a very sad day. I sure loved them. Please go sign the petition. Take Care, Pam

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