Sunday, August 13, 2006

August 13, 2006

Thanks for visiting For those of you that are visiting for the first time, our blog is about things that are related to our website. Our website is a Directory so it has many different subject matter. Everything from Auto-Surfing to jokes. Yep.... it's a Directory with a bit of Entertainment mixed in. Message from Pam Hello everyone. I just got home from work and like always, the first thing I do is hop on the Internet and start working on my website. It takes me an easy 4 hours each day just to keep it updated. So here I go with 4 more hours of work and then my day will be complete. Problems with a Snippet Oh let me tell you...... if any of you have been going to our "Surfing News & Updates" page lately then you would of noticed the bright blue color of the links on the left hand side of the page. I was having a terrible time at finding a snippet problem that was causing my links that were supposed to be tan, to change to blue every single time the page was published. I was going mad at finding the problem. But..... Finally the problem is taken care of and the page is back to it's intended color. It's a lot easier to read now. Auto-Surfing Gosh what can be said about this right now????? Who the heck knows!! We've been on the wildest surfing ride in a long time and I hope to goodness we don't have to ride this ride again either. If we have any more spins and flips and ups and down I swear I think I'm going to puke. I'm so sick of this constant spinning. If things don't perk up in this hacking Industry then I think I'm ready to get off of this ride for good. I've been reading blog after blog that usually gives indebted opinions on auto-surfing and right now there's just No subject matters to really speak of. Well I take that back. I'm reading the same old news over and over and all anyone can say is...... www. Hacked, www. Hacked, www. Is closing, www. site is down or either the blogs just simply say..... "I don't have anything to say." This is pitiful to say the least. We are all hoping to see this Industry get back on it's feet so surfers can start making some money again. You can just feel the tention in the air and the depressed state the Industry is in right now. Do we recommend any Surfing Sites right now? Actually I'm going to have to say "No, not right now." We are in a few but I don't really have that trust factor built up for anyone one of them at this time. The longest standing one that we were very happy with was AlienTrust and we all know that AlienTrust is closing its doors now. Are we going to join the new venture "ZapWire?" Ummmm I will have to think this one over a bit. I've always been terrible on getting referrals and it sounds like this one is MLM. I don't know for sure now because this site is not actually open yet to know all the facts. What I do know is I have never been any good at Multi Level Marketing but if this is the only way I will see a payment from AlienTrust then I may roll my money over into it. We will just have to see more information about the new site. Catsville Let me tell you about Batman the cat and the trouble he got into this week. I was working at my computer and I started printing out some pages that I needed. While the pages were printing I decided to step away to the kitchen and fix myself a sandwich. While I was gone, Batman the cat decided to investigate. Batman the cat has always been curious about the printer and when he hears it start to print he jumps up on the table and watches the pages inch down and spit out. He has always watched this process take place with great attention but he has never bothered the printer in any way. This time his attention was a little to much and the silly little boy stuck his paw up the opening in the front and pushed it way to the back feeling around. Needless to say he got his nails caught on something in the back of the printer and he was stuck. He had his arm rammed up inside the printer, all the way up to his shoulder!!! I heard him meow a few times. I walked back in the room with my sandwich and there he was. His whole arm rammed in the printer. I looked at him and I said "Batman! What have you done!?" The silly cat looked up at me, cocked his head sideways and answered -Mawww. ma ma ma maw. Then he looks in the opening of the printer with one eye, turns back and looks at me as if he was trying to explain how the heck he got his arm stuck. I was laughing so hard till all I could do was give him a good finger waggle and that was it. Oh and yes... I did get Batman (black cat with yellow eyes) unstuck.. Favorite moment of the day - While working the front desk today at my day job, I had an i-i-irate woman who was pissed off because she wanted a room on the water and not the room that the TimeShare company placed her in. She was tapping her longgggg fakeeeeee fingernails on the counter demanding that something be done when....... in her tapping anger....... 2 of her fake fingernails came popping off of her diamond filled hand. Pam Svoboda That's it for today my friends! Come back to see us! Pam

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