Sunday, August 20, 2006

August 20, 2006

Hello from Pam! Another work day is over...... got my shower already..... got my big baggy tshirt my drink in my hand........suppers on the stove cooking...... and I'm here relaxing while I type a few words to you. My computer is right beside the window here so I've opened up the window and let the cats go out to play in the fenced in area of the yard. They are all having a lot of fun but they are acting skidish. I see the neighbor kids are making noise next door so that always scares them and they don't play as much when the neighbors are outside. Holy Crap!!! Ok, you wont believe this. While I was sitting here typing.... I looked out the window and I thought the cats were being scared by the kids next door but when I looked at the oldest cat really close.... Smokey had jumped up on the window sill like he was trying to get up high away from something and he was looking at something really intently. This is what got my attention. He's a smart old cat so I stuck my head out the window and what did I see!!!!!! But another snake about 3 foot long that was raising his head in the grass about 6 inches up. He was looking from side to side. Scared the crap out of me. Naturally I had to get my butt outside really fast to get the animals in before one of them got snake bit. As you guys know I have 7 cats! I think I've broke my damn toe too. I took the screen out of the window so the cats could jump in and out so naturally..... knowing this..... when I saw the snake, I just jumped out the window myself. Ohhhh gosh... I really do think I've broke my toe. I did get the cats in but now I cant find that dang snake. Hummm..... I sure hope the neighbors didn't see my fat butt in the tshirt either. Gosh that little ordeal has my heart to pumping! We seems to be finding a lot of snakes in the yard here lately. If it's one thing I can't stand.... it's a snake. I really love animals and nothing against snakes but a snake scares the crap out of me. It makes me do stupid things. Internet Surfing there's still really not much to say about this subject right now. We are still taking things really easy and were just doing a lot of reading on the subject. I read surf Bloodhound today and the pics of the dogs are always fun to see. It's worth going to the site just to see the dogs. Hey Bloodhound..... if your reading this, are any of those dogs yours? I don't think Bloodhound likes Todd and Jake from ASA very much. He has quite an involved write up about them today. They got bitchslapped once again. Personally.... I never miss watching ASA's weekly newscast. I think it's always worth going and seeing what they have to say. I'm not saying that I follow their suggestions but I am saying that they have heaps of information usually that you can do some research on. This is always good for the Industry. Segment #19 had Andrew on it from He was a cook kid. I think that's what's so great about blogs too. You can always get plenty of information to help you make your own decisions about advertising/surfing sites and things related. It's important to me to get others opinions. As you know everyone's opinions are based on their own personal experience..... but that alone is worth it's weight in gold. Everybody should get to blogging. We are all still waiting on the Harrolds Media to show their pretty little heads. I wonder when they will actually come on the scene. We still have not been paid by dadndaves. They have never failed to pay us before but this is the longest we have ever had to wait. We are still waiting for the forms to come out with AlienTrust so we can make our decision. We are still surfing Surf-Down-Under. We haven't had any problems at all with them and we've been surfing for ...... maybe a couple of months now. You never hear much about this site at all. It's not a real pretty site but it surfs with no problems at my end. You know they just had their 1st anniversary on August 18th. That says something in it's self. Our Website I haven't had any time over the last 4 days to work on our website. I keep the Surfing News & Updates in line each morning before I go to work (and do my surfing) but that's about all I have time for. I will be hitting it hot and heavy on Tuesday. Well that's it for now. Stephen just called and he's on his way home from work himself so I' ve got to get the meat on the table. Take Care All, and thanks to all of you for being a part of our blog. Pam

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