Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Internet Surfing

A Sad Day for AlienTrust members: Well surfers this is what the top news was on our Surfing News & Update page for today. were forced to close the negotiations and vacate the non-disclosure agreement. There is no longer a buyer for AlienTrust will begin the process of closing down effective immediately. This information was taken from the last update by Vince. Read the complete update here at North Shore Media News. We were all on pins and needles waiting for this update to come through today. I think most had that feeling of helplessness. I even read posts of members feeling sink while waiting for the news. AlienTrust has been one of the best things that has happened for many people to say the least. Especially for those people who were fortunate enough to be maxed out at a early stage. It's sad to see such a site have to close. We've been with them ourselves long before the stormpay mess and we have enjoyed every single minute of it too. We also think Vince is quite the business man and many readers of this are going to take that sentence to have several different meanings. I for one thought the site was jamming and who ever designed it did a fantastic job. It was no dought the best looking surfing site out there and it was laid out very professional looking too. The support team was untouchable. It's sad to see such a piece of work end. Hummmm..... I wonder what new venture Vince has up his sleeves now? I'm sure we will soon see. Ya know..... We really like the program but we are having a heck of a time getting our surfing time in with the site. Ever since we joined we get booted out and we are always having to log in over and over and over. It just keeps saying user name/password is incorrect. After about 7 or 8 tries it finally reconizes our user name and password and lets us in. I don't know what's up with that. I think that Bob the Admin is on his toes with emailing all the members with all the updates on a daily basis. I mean how often does an Admin do that? So I have to give him an A+ for communication. The only thing that I think has been bothering me this week about his email are the ones where he asks everyone to go to the ASA site and vote. I don't know but.... It sounds like he is begging for his members to vote on him and that's a disappointment to me. Anyway, we are just testing the waters on this site but we really do like it so far. We listened to the telephone interview he had with autosurf Authority and heard Bobs voice. Nice~ I think it was segment #14. You can go to the site and watch the video under the Archives if your interested. Hummm do any of you remember the autosurf They suddenly closed their doors a few months ago and now it seems they have reopened. We just got an email from them that said it had been a rough few months for them and that during the stormpay mess they had no luck legally trying to get back the funds that stormpay and paypal owed them. They went on to say that at the time of 12dailypros closure, their advertising was displayed on their homepage, thus exposing them to the problems of 12dailypro. They were issued a cease and desist by an authoritative body. They were not implicated in anything legal, but they were instructed to go offline. The order expired on the 20th of July allowing them once again to resume business. Naturally this abruptly shut them down and caused them to not be able to finish paying out refunds completely. They are saying that they would like to make good on the refunds due but cannot pay them in full so they are initiating partial refunds in the form of upgrades as the funds become available. If I remember right this site was labeled as a Scam because they dropped off the face of the earth. They are trying to explain now that they are not a scam and they are asking their loyal members to upgrade. They have apologized to the public.

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