Tuesday, August 29, 2006

August 29, 2006

Hello ! My work week is over from the day job at the Resort and now I'm starting my Internet work. I had a really good week this week. The boss man and his wife went to Colorado for vacation and it was actually a relaxed week for all the employees. The scare of the hurricane sent many of our guests packing for home. The hurricane has turned now and headed in the other direction so it looks like there will be no problem for us this time. When ever we have bad weather it makes it impossible to do my work online. You see we have satellite and it alwaysssss goes down. Since storms are brewing because of the hurricane I'm expecting to have a problem getting all my work on my website published as it should be. That's why I'm typing as fast as I can this morning while the weather is ok. Blog Watch ( see our surfing blog directory ) Like I've said before, one of my favorite things to do is read blogs. I really look forward to my day off so I can fire up the computer.... and start reading blogs as I sip on my morning coffee. Some people reach for that morning news paper but I reach for my blog list. This morning I started reading and found that 8 out of 12 blogs that I read this morning talked about a site called GoldnDaily.com. It looks like many people are joining up with this site to try and make a bit of money that is actually placed in your e-gold account daily. Yep that's exactly what I said. You don't see this very often but this site pays out 12% daily for 12 days and actually has an automated payout. We checked out the site and this is what we found out. When you surf and complete your surfing, your earnings are sent to your e-gold account immediately. The payout is there instantly. We think if you check this site out, you need to think of it as a money game and consider it HIGH RISK. Be Careful! Follow that famous saying "Don't put in more than you can afford to loose." Also something else for you to know is..... if you intend to invest at this site make sure you read all the information. You have to manually adjust your "payout information" in order to get paid daily. If you don't, you are set on the compounding option. Auto-Surfing / Manual Surfing There's a lot of talk about one called Reindeersurf as well. I looked at this one and I have to say I reallyyyyy love the theme of the site. "Christmas!" --- You know.... if your into surfing for advertising, it can get really boring looking at the same ole basic sites. I really like to see a site that has a theme to it so it makes it more exciting to be a member of the program. Yeah yeah I know.... some of you are about to say that you could give a hoot about what the site looks like as long as it puts money in your pocket because your in it for the surfing income only. There's going to be that other group of people reading this that's going to say..... "Hey I want the site' to look really professional and leave out this fun and game stuff..... I want the site to look really good because I'm working toward referrals and the better the site looks, the more referrals I get." Well.... both statements are something to think about and this is what makes each of our experiences with making money with the Internet so different. Personally I like to be Entertained by the advertising/surfing sites a bit myself. I like to see a well laid out site and I like it even better when it has a theme to it that has monthly promotions that tie into the theme as well. I like to see that someone has put some thought into the program. I guess that put's me in a third category doesn't it. hahahaha! Either way guys...... it doesn't matter if your surfing for advertising, surfing for money, surfing for referrals or surfing for entertainment. You have to admit that being versatile is what the Internet is all about and we will choose the programs that best fit what each of us like to see. We all know there is no shortage to the long list of programs that we have to choose from. Each person will have different experience with each program as well. This is why blogging is so important to everyone. This is the best way there is to read about different experiences and get the full low down on programs. So guys.... help support your favorite blogs and be kind. Give them a link from your site. On the Home Front I don't know what it is about these damn snakes in the yard. They are building a new housing development about a 1/2 mile down the road and I guess they are running the snakes out of this forest area. We killed a watermockasin (I cant spell it) a few weeks ago in the yard and I really hated to do it but we couldn't take the chance of getting bit. This bad boy was 3 inches thick in the middle and was about 3 1/2 foot long. But I have something else to tell you. My whole life I've never experienced what I'm about to tell you. We have a black snake that is about 3 foot long that keeps coming up to the glass sliding door .... raising his head about 6 inches off the ground and looking inside the glass door. I suspect he is looking at the cat's that we have inside but I don't really have a clue. It's actually startling to be getting food on the table and see the snake just looking in. If you walk over to one side of the room.... his head will turn and watch where you walk. I don't like it one bit!!! You can walk up to the door and he doesn't move. Keep in mind that he's on the outside and I'm on the inside. If you open the door and go outside he runs off really fast. (thank goodness!) I was told that black snakes were not poisonous but I don't know. He is black with a tan belie. We live in Florida so if anyone know about snakes and could explain the character of this one looking inside the glass doors please feel free to type a few lines and let me know. I don't want to wake up one morning and find he has found a way inside the house. Cause.... it damn sure seems like he wants ta come inside and live with us. Bye for now Ok that's all for blogging today. I have to get busy on my website Gone-ta-pott.com. You guys enjoy your day and I'll talk with you again tomorrow. Pam

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4Newbies.com said...

wow, i live in florida too. just moved down here a year ago from nyc. my friend just killed 2 water macasins. i have a black snake in my back yard too. my wife saw it, i havent. i found 2 baby ones, about 4 inches long. so this big black one is breeding. the ones ihave is either a ringneck or a racer. yours is probably a racer. they arent supposed to be very scial snakes. they are not poisonous. I would kill it if I were you.

my name is israel, admin over at commandcorps.com


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