Wednesday, August 16, 2006

August 16, 2006

Message from Pam Hello Everyone! Man oooo man it's my off day from the day job and I've been spending all day long catching up on my emails. Geeshhh! I got about 400 of them from the Internet and most of them were just adverts and spam. Only about 55 of them were from readers who read our blog or our website Speaking of letter we wanted to send a shout out to Frond from Frond's Cash Blog. He was nice enough to sign one of our guest books in our website and thanked us for listing him in our website. We sent him a thank you letter as well. Now feel free to go read his blog. He has a nice blog about Auto-Surfing. Spam Have your guys noticed the new way that spammers are spamming in emails now??? They send you an email accusing you of spamming when you damn well know you don't send spam. The email will have a simply one liner that says.... "Stop sending spam." What is so sligh about this is... they have about 5 or 6 signature links at the bottom of the email. They think they are soooo ----- cleaver! This is one thing that pisses the heck out of me to say the least!!! Auto-Surfing It looks like will be closing. We joined this one a few weeks ago to give it a test because we really liked the way the site looked. But..... it seems this run didn't last us long enough to get to know the site. Just as well.... we joined it so we could do a few reports to our readers it but it looks like we have to check this one off our list as well. We signed up with yesterday. You can purchase a $50.00 membership and receive an additional $5.00. The payment processors that they use is E-Gold, AlertPay, UniClear and Virtual Money. All accounts are manually verified. They do their membership a little bit different. You can be a silver affiliate, a premium member or a imperial member. We're going to take it slow in the surfing Industry right now but I have to say that I really do like the site. The surfing been smooth with no problems but we have only surfed 2 days. Today we signed up with We've been meaning to sign up with this site for a while but we could never fit it into our time frame. Since the close of so many surfing sites lately.... it has now given us the time to sign up. This site is a low 1% but that's just fine with us. When you join you get a FREE $5.00. This is the site that has its own payment processor called but they also use others as well. Personally I like the low % sites. They seem to last longer and besides.... its always good to mix up your portfolio. Speaking of low % - We loved Dadndaves and we hate to see it go. We did not sign up for Dadndaves new site 12x12. It seems this site is moving to fast for them to keep up with it seems. I thought it would be a good idea to wait and see if we get a payment from Dadndaves first. They still owe us from a cashout that we did on 7/20/06. Their paying slow but still paying. I don't know how they are keeping up with them both. Speaking of keeping up..... I can't keep up with Trish and how she is part of DadnDaves. I know she has This site is slow paying as well. I sure hope these folks are not over loading themselves. What's for supper? It's so nice to have the day off. I guess I had better get busy on the website and start checking links and updating as much as I can before it's time to cook supper. Stephen and I will be grilling on the grill once he gets home from work. We loveeeeee to grill and we do it all the time. Tonight we will be grilling steak with potatoes baking on the grill as well. I will also be cooking a foil packet of butter, onions and mushrooms to put over the top of the steak. A nice small green salad will do just fine on the side and the Pavlova that Stephen cooked last night for dessert will be great left over. Take Care Friends! Pam

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