Friday, August 04, 2006

August 04, 2006

Good Morning to you, It's meeeee Pam! It's Friday morning and it's raining cats and dogs outside everyone. Most people will be working their last day of the week and getting ready for the weekend off but not for me. You see Friday is actually the first day of the week for my day job. Yep.... I'm one of those weekend workers. I work long hours on Fri, Sat, Sun and Mondays. I have to deal with the mad rush of all the people on Holidays trying to check in. I'm that smiling person that takes your money and sends you to your room. You see I work at a small Time Share Resort on the bay and let me tell you...... When those guests get there from driving on the road for hours and hours they are CRANKY to say the least. Wouldn't it be nice if our website was getting enough traffic to it that I could quit this day job and just run the website full time. Hey you gotta love those checks from Google Adsense. If working our website full time doesn't happen soon I'm not going to have any teeth left to grind. Google Gossip I've been reading over the Internet that Google has been deleting blogs that are using the blog for referral links. We think that's a shame. We hear that their crawler is what's making the decisions and doing it. We are finding that many people are changing over to different blogs besides Googles so they can get their links listed. We haven't had a problem with this as of yet but we sure would like to know the facts. Can anyone give us your experience on this? Surfing for money Come on 15hitsdaily let me stay logged in for goodness sake! It's getting so tiring having to keep logging in every day. Hey did you guys hear the latest from them yesterday? 8/3/06 They are in the process of transferring the site to a new and improved dedicated server with a much higher level of DDoS protection and SSL security among other features. Boy that was a mouthful! Anyway Bobs email said that after the transfer is complete they will be launching their new Autosurf. The name is being withheld for now. The new site is a multi-level earning system with different levels of referral commissions. I put this information on our Surfing News & Updates page as well. I have to say that I'm looking forward to seeing how the new site is going to be set up. I'm looking forward to the day that a site can come out and be as impressive "looks wise" as ahhhhh I just reminded myself that AlienTrust is closing it's doors. What a shame but we all knew it was coming. But hey... talking about nice looking sites... that Midas-Surf doesn't look to bad does it. I really like sites that are in black with a bit of gold. Yeah I know, our very own site is in those colors as well. Anyway, since they don't have Virtual Money yet and since e-gold is still down, we will have to wait before we give Midas a spin. Many times we will join as a free member and give the surfing a test drive and spin our link around before we even actually spend any money on buying advertising shares. I don't think we can do that with Midas if I understand their terms. Here's what it says --- A potential User may register for free to view the site and explore. However, to place a site in the Surf Rotation for viewing by other members, a Registered User must purchase an Advertising Package. Failure to purchase an Advertising Package within 30 days of registration shall be deleted from the system and denied access. This procedure is necessary to maximize the advertising return potential for those members that have purchased Advertising Packages. Hey somebody refresh my memory. What ever happened to the surf site Was this the one that was going to combine with Alertpaypro? We were members in diapers with AutoSurfingPros when they stopped and now I can't find my notes on what was happening to all the memberships." If you go to the website it still says this. "Autosurfingpros is now in maintenance mode. "This may take approx 1 week." "More information will be sent out via email." Well how long has it been now????? Anybody know the update on the subject? Payment Processors I still can't log into E-Gold. I've tried for 3 morning now. Yep it's that ddos attack problem that's going on. Now is when I really wish I had opened up an AlertPay account but I never got around to doing it. The bad news is..... we all know that payouts with our surfing sites are going to come to a stand still right. Those of us who use E-Gold will just have to wait it out. If your new to the Internet we have a list of some of the most popular payment processors that's available over the Internet. Just Click Here to see.

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