Thursday, August 17, 2006

August 17, 2006

Hey Yall! It's meeee Pam! It's been one of those type till ya drop days for me. (smileeee) Ok ok go ahead and hit me with your best shot about my southern slang. Believe me..... I've heard it all in the emails that I read. I try and do my best at leaving out my southernessss but sometimes it slips out and I type exactly as I talk. I'm born and raised Southern and that aint gonna change anytime soon. So either get use to it or pass this blog on by and visit the next one. How do you do that you ask? Well in the top right hand corner of this blog is a button. Click that button that says NEXT BLOG and away you go. Now speaking of accents...... the hubby is from Australia. Yep born and raised on the Island and his accent is not going to be changing anytime soon either. hahaha! Favorite Blogs I want to send a Thank You out to Dolphins Wink. They added us to their Blogroll and we really appreciate it. This is one blog that we visit just about every day and I really enjoy it. This blog is about Making a living at home and online. I have to tell you..... every single time I find our website link listed somewhere, I still get that goofy feeling. hahaha! My heart start to beating fast and I get all happy and excited. I get that oh boy! oh boy! oh boy! feeling. Does it effect you guys that have websites that way as well? New Favorite Forum Guys I have a new favorite forum that I seem to be visiting a lot. It's the I use to spend a lot of time on MMG but I'm veering away from that forum. It's just way to much bullcrap on that one right now. It was one of my favorites at one time..... but not right now. Some of the crap that people have been typing is unbelievable. I like a more mature members base myself and lately MMG is just not cutting it for me. I just don't like the baby mentality and all the whining. It gets so old after a while. I think I'm going to do a bit of hanging out at EMarketCafe. Oh... by the way, we are building a forum page in our Directory. If you know of a good forum, email us so we can list it in our Directory website ok. Auto-Surfing there's really not much going on in the surfing world right now. We are still laying low until we see how the Industry is going to change for September. Hopefully for the good. We would really like to join a really nice place to get some really good advertising in for our website that's for sure. We are still waiting to hear how the new owners of NowDollar are going to manage the site. I think it was around August the 10th when they sent out an email to members telling us that they were getting ready to launch a new ground breaking program. Who am I talking about???? Harrolds Media! Well it's now August 17th- has anyone heard any updates yet? AlienTrust removed Option 1 Wellll wellll wellll...... supriseee supriseeee. AlienTrust took out the Option 1 from the re-compensation plan they were setting up. I haven't heard what that's about yet but I'm sure we will hear some more rattles about it. Stephanie Kronlein, the Director of Finance gave an update about it yesterday. She said that hopefully they will be able to re-instate it at a later date. ???? Those of you who are new may not know who AlienTrust is. This is a surf site/advertising site - that is closing it's doors. Joke Of the Day A couple drove down a country road for several miles, not saying a word. An earlier discussion had led to an argument and neither of them wanted to concede their position. As they passed a barnyard of mules, goats, and pigs, the husband asked sarcastically, "Relatives of yours?" "Yep," the wife replied, " in-laws." Hey guys we have a "today's Fun" Page located here. You can go here each day and read jokes, play games and other fun stuff. The information updates so you are sure to read new and fun stuff. Time Spent Together Not very often do Stephen and I have the same day off but yesterday we did. We started our day out by doing household chores together. Then we showered, got ourselves dressed in the same color short outfits and made our way down to our favorite Cafe on the bay. We set out on the pier and ate baked fish with wine and lemon dill sauce pored on top. It was yummie too! While we ate, we watched the big boats go by and we had fun watching the hermit crabs crawling around in the water too. It was absolutely lovely. We talked about work and the Internet and all our big plans. smileeeee~ What would we have if we couldn't dream our dreams in life? Well it was a great day and I have to say I cherished every minute of it. Bye Bye for now friends I'm going to call it a day now. I've been online since 6:00 this morning and my butt is pretty num. The next few days are going to be really busy for me so I don't think I will be posting anything in the blog here until Tuesday the 22nd. . . . Stephens birthday is the 24th!! Wow! I better make sure I get the stuff to cook him a birthday cake! Take Care, Pam

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