Sunday, September 03, 2006

September 3, 2006

Hello Everyone! It's so good to be able to hop online and type you guys a few lines. I've been so busy lately and I know that I am behind on getting my newsletter set. We have a wonderful Holiday tomorrow! Wooo weeeee! Well that woo wee goes out to those people who actually have the day off. I have to go into work at 7:00 in the morning but at least I get off work before dark so I can still fire up the grill. Hummmm I wonder what shift the hubby is on tomorrow. I might not be firing up the grill afterall. Snakes and more snakes Hey Israel.... so how's It's amazingggg how many snakes are in Florida! So it's possible its a "racer" ya think. I was talking with a few locals and they said the same thing. They also said it may be a black runner as well. It sounds to me like these 2 snake names may be the same kind of snake but I don't have a clue. I did find out some interesting facts about a black runner though. If you run toward them, they will run. But--- if you run from them.... They will CHASE you!! Wow!! They say that's why it was named a "runner." I knew black runners were in Alabama but I didn't know they were in Florida. Like you said.... There not supposed to be social. I do have an update to the snake looking in the glass sliding door. When I was outside yesterday, hoeing around the edges of the cement patio..... I moved a big potted plant over to the side. To my surprise I found a big deep hole in the ground at the back of it. I think I found where this big boy is living and it's just a few feet from the glass sliding door. That explains why he keeps looking inside now. Amazon Associate Store Well well well..... I thought I was the only person who had an -- Amazon Store and to my surprise..... So does Surfboard at SurfAdsInc. Heyyyyyy how come yours looks different then mine Surfboard. hummmmmmm - I don't have the search box and category list on mine. Mine starts with the Listmania. I must of missed that set up step when I did it. The subject I picked for my store was "Making Money with the Internet." I'm going to put the links on my Marketing pages of my website and on all the auto-surfing info pages as well. I've already set the link up on the surfing News & Updates page. This is a awesome Store Front guys that Amazon has come up with for all it's Affiliate members who want one. I think it's greattttt myself. It's something new that there doing and it's in the testing faze but so far it's working great for me. Favorite Sentence of the week Ok let's have some fun. For all you Auto-Surfers, Manual Surfers and Ad Advertisers. Your going to be the one's who understand this sentance. This is no dought my favorite sentence of the week. ""Follow companies that are progressing with the goal of improving upon the product.......Advertising."" So do any of you recognize this sentence? Where did you read it at? I will give you one clue.....It's from a blog. Well I will let you ponder over this one and I will tell you the answer tomorrow. What's for supper? Today I made a really good beef roast with carrots and potatoes and shared it with my work friends. I cooked it in a crock pot so it could slow cook for about 6 hours. I had a dynamite gravy for it and tonight me and the hubby will have just enough left over to make us each a plate. I'm going to make a few biscuits to go along with it so I can sop up that yummie gravy. Bye bye Internet friends, Have a wonderful Labor Day tomorrow! Pam

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Anonymous said...

commandsurf and corps is doing well. going on 6 months.

so, the black runner and racer are common here.

my wife saw when under our treadmill in the back gym in out backyard. they are not supposed to be harmful, but i dotn like em anyway.

i have been looking for holes where they could live becuase i heard they live underneathe.


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