Wednesday, September 20, 2006

September 20, 2006

Hello Everyone, Don't you guys just love the coolness in the air? The days are still hot here in Florida but the nights are starting to turn cool. I really like that. Stephen and I are due for a vacation so we are taking the last week of this month off. That 's next week!!! yippppp-eeeee! Stephen gets the whole week off but I only get a long weekend so we can't actually go anywhere and relax really. We are going to go to Alabama to visit my family for a couple of day's. We are looking forward to getting away for a while and being able to take a few deep breaths. So having said that.... you wont see an update in my blog at all for next week. Making Money with the Internet The paid-to-surf Industry is at a all time low right now in my opinion. I haven't been paid by anyone at all lately and most I have joined have went belly up or either I didn't like how they changed their new polices so I've decided to lay low. My referrals have dropped down to an all time low as well. This let's me know that others are holding off on joining programs just like I am it seems. I haven't latched on a new sign up in over 2 weeks now and that is reallllyyyy bad. Also.... I'm not getting the click throughs into my site that I'm rotating like I once was. It seems like the whole aspect of the whole thing has slowed down for me right now and does not seem profitable at all. I can't seem to get my surfing finished at surf-down-under because this site called "agel" keeps taking over. I keep logging back into the site and starting the surf bar over again and in 3 or 4 rotations... that dang site takes over again. I'm tried of trying to surf it so I give up. *I'm reading a lot of stuff about all the changes with the Network sites. I just don't know myself. *You know has gone private now. The free members have until Sept. 30th to put some money into the program. With the new will only have to surf one day out of the month. They will let everyone know what day that will be but it looks like it will probably be the same day each month. *15hitsdaily is doing a lot of changing right now as well. When you upgrade with them you will begin to see their Corp. name which is "Tri-Star Media Group." They have also started a promotion called "15 weeks of Christmas." They are giving away gifts to random deposits in your VM. They also have launched their oun private forum that can be found at I haven't heard any updates with my account at alientrust at all. I don't think they have started paying out after the closing. All these updates and more are found on our Surfing News & Updates page While reading my favorite websites..... I saw that Fred with EbusinessOnline is thinking of selling his website. I kinda hate to hear that because I like his personality and I really like to read his site and listen to his ipod each week. I joined SolidTrusts Paid-to-click but not much activity there yet. My A-Store with is doing good. I'm selling a book or two here and there. My clicks from google has went up for this month. I should be getting a check from them in the next few days. I have to say that continues to be the best place for me to rotate my links right now as far as advertising goes. It's free and after all these years it continues to work well for me. Catsville All of the 7 cat's are doing great. Since we live in Fort Walton... we are always having military plains flying over because of the base that's next door. Well.... those sonic booms are hell! The cat's were all outside a few minutes ago and one of those sonic booms hit and scared the crap out of all the cat's. They were knocking each other down just trying to get inside the house. They are all hiding in boxes in the garage now and this is what they do each and every day when the sound hits. It's so loud that it even shakes my glasses in the kitchen cabinets. Our Website I have added a few new recipes to the website this month. I've also updated a few of the Halloween pages as well. I still have a long way to go in the Halloween section but I'm getting there. I've had an enormous amount of banner links that have changed so I've been typing like crazy trying to get them back active again. I do a lot of linking through Commission Junction and those links change all the time. My top pages that I'm getting the most clicks on is the Pirate Section. This is unusual but it must be because of the latest craze with the Pirate Movie with actor Johnnie D. "pirate of the Caribbean." All these clicks are coming from the search engines and I've noticed that many other websites have linked to my pirate food section as well. Well that's it for today everyone. Yall have a wonderful week and don't forget that we go on vacation next week so you wont see an update from me. Take Care all and Happy Surfing! Pam

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Widney Woman said...

Thanks for all the information. I do a weekly family theme night. This week it's Pirates. You helped with the food and drinks.


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