Thursday, September 14, 2006

September 14, 2006

Good Morning to you all, I'm sitting here listening to the coffee pot grunt and groan while it makes my coffee. Stephen is still in the bed fast asleep after working a double last night. Soon his alarm clock will go off and he will have to head back to work again. Me..... well I have the day off today and I plan on working on my website for most of the day. When the clothes in the dryer get finished drying.... I will take some time to iron up our work clothes. Sounds so exciting doesn't it. hahaha! The most exciting part of it all is the coffee part. / paid-to-surf It looks like David put out a long letter on his website. Here's what it said. Hi everybody, An update on the state of dadndaves. Many people are accusing me of neglecting dadndaves, and concentrating on 12by12daily, at the expense of dadndaves. Yes, guilty as charged. It seems that despite my attempts to give you the real picture over a period of many months, many people have not bothered to read, or do not understand the situation with dadndaves. I have already documented the reasons for the demise of dadndaves, but I will give you a brief rundown again. (You can still read the previous updates by clicking on the link on your members page) By now everybody has heard of the problems associated with Stormpay in the early part of this year. Apart from the actual loss of money in my Stormpay account, I lost all my investments in other autosurf programs which were affected, and either stopped paying or disappeared altogether. At that time I had about half a million dollars invested in various programs, which was bringing in (before February) around $8-900,000 per month. So, as you can see, not only did I lose the half million dollars I had invested, but I also lost a substantial monthly income which was used primarily for payouts at dadndaves. About a month later Paypal decided they no longer wanted to do business with me. This was despite a previously flawless payment record, and verbal assurances from Paypal that this would not happen. Despite these setbacks I continued to make payouts throughout February, March, and into April, and also paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars in refunds, even shifting substantial sums of money from my bank account which I had been keeping in reserve. Eventually the reserve dried up. I then asked for your support, and I must say the response was great, many people offered to compound for a couple of months instead of requesting cashouts until I could get my cashflow running again, but what I really needed was a show of confidence and a substantial increase in the number of upgrades. Unfortunately this never came, so here I am with no money, substantial debts, and no way of paying. I had a number of options open to me. First option, close the site and disappear like so many others had before me. Not a good option. Second Option, close the site and offer refunds, pay a few refunds, and then disappear, like so many others had done. Once again, not a good option. Third option, Reset everybodys account to zero, and hope that you would continue to support me, as a couple of other sites had done. Once again, not a good option. The fourth and only option was to find a way of raising the money to pay my members and close the site down honourably. This is the option that I chose. On July 12th I opened, for the sole purpose of generating the funds required to pay out dadndaves members. Obviously with a site like that it is imperative that it runs properly and members at that site are paid first, or it would also fall over. I can tell you that 12by12daily members are being paid every day, being paid on time, and a lot of members are making a lot of money there. It has been a phenomenal success, and if you haven't joined yet, come on over. Could be a good way to revitalise your cashflow while waiting for your dadndaves cashout. Remember if you join under my link, all referral commissions I earn are going to payout dadndaves members. Only after operating 12by12daily for one month, and seeing that it was going to be as successful as I had hoped, did I make the announcement that dadndaves would close down. Since the opening, we have paid out around $700,000 to dadndaves members, and there is every indication that I will be able to honour my commitment to pay everybody what they are owed. Bear with me, this will take time, but over the period of the next year, before September 4th 2007, all members will be paid all their earnings. Bear in mind also, that if not for the success of 12by12daily, nobody at dadndaves would have been paid during this time. So, what is the situation now? Payouts are continuing every day. We are no longer giving priority to high flyers, but are paying everybody as we can. For a while I was paying those who emailed me, to get them off my back, but that is not fair on the members who suffer in silence. It is also no longer practical, as there are just too many emails about this subject to even read. If you email me, and ask "When am I going to be paid?" I cannot answer that. I do not know the answer myself. I have reverted to paying in order of receipt of the cashout request. Many of you who have been paid lately, or who are asking about payouts from August should be aware that there are still some members who have not been paid for May, so that is where I am paying from now. When I get to your account, you will be paid for everything you are owed up to the day I pay you. Please, no more emails about this. Everybody will be paid, in time. In a few days time I will be turning off the cahout button. As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, when i get to your account you will be paid for everything you are owed up until the day I pay you so there is no need for further cashout requests. I will leave it on for a few days so that those members who do not have a pending cashout request can make one. Thank you for listening David As you can see, it looks like the payout are about 3 or 4 months behind. I highlighted it in red. I sure liked Dadndaves and we were always paid until lately. I hope people support his 12x12 so more funds can go toward what he owes his dadndave members. He has been a trusted admin over this year from my end.

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