Wednesday, September 13, 2006

September 13, 2006

Hello Hello Hello! Gosh I cannot believe how fast this month is flying by. September is well on it's way..... school is back in session and from reading all my favorite blogs this week it's obvious that all the sports are back as well. The TV is full of football and blogs are full of sports scores. Moms and Dads have send the kids back to school again and everyone is starting to get use to a new daily routine. Catsville IttieBittie the house cat somehow found his way out of the house and in the yard today. The little curious rascal got scared and nearly tore the window down trying to get back in the house. The poor little fellow was scared to death. He must of ran out the door when I went to take the trash out and I didn't see him. He's a sneaky little thing that's for sure. Paid-to-surf Guys this market right now is so flippy. This here today and gone tomorrow crap is driving me nuts and I'm getting so tired of it. I would really like for this industry to design a real long lasting business that we all can benefit from, that would actually function as a real business would function and not get ripped by hackers. I just don't want to have to worry about site's steeling our money all the time. Dreammmmm on right. Well.... I'm getting ate up by all the sharks in these surfing games and I'm finding that it's to much of a gamble at this time for me to spend any more than a few bucks in any of them. No more big ad buys for me until the Industry changes for the better. Yep call me scared of the water if you want. I'm swimming to shore and going to sit in the sand and watch the waves for a while myself. I sure hated to see close. I really liked this site and enjoyed surfing it. Let's see now.... they said temporarily closed didn't they... LOL. The last surf I joined was I still like the low % site I'm still surfing I don't know about goldndaily right now. I'm still surfing but I'm still waiting waiting.... waiting to be paid. I'm still surfing surf-down-under. Gosh that site has been going for over a year now. Our Website The newsletter is up and ready to read. My new associate store with is doing fantastic! I titled it "Make Money with the Internet" and I've started putting this in my advertising rotations now. The Internet is just crawling with people wanting to know HOW to make money with the Internet and these books that are available are great for beginners and packed full of fantastic subject matters on how to make money with the Internet. I'm hoping this will give me some extra Christmas money since I don't seem to be making the money with paid-to-surf programs right now. winkkkkk~ I had to find another angle in here somewhere ya know. Make Money with the Internet. I really have to get myself busy on my Halloween pages. I'm falling behind on updating it for this year and I have to really get my butt in gear if I'm going to have it all ready by October 1st. It is unreal how many hits I get on those pages compared to all my other pages in my website. I really love Halloween and I look forward to it each and every year. I love it as much as Christmas! It's so much fun to work on this section of my website and the research for it is even better. I just have to find the time to get all my work done. I've updated the September Calendar page. Did you guys know that it's National Biscuit Month and National Honey Month? Well it is! Go to our page and read all the Holidays for September. There's a "Date Nut Recipe" on the page as well if your interested. I put it there in honor of Date Nut Day that was on September 8th. On the Homefront Stephen is working his butt off. He works so many hours a week and they could care less how tired he is. Unappreciatedddd for sure! I bet many of you know that feeling don't you? This damn world of retail that he's in is the pits. In this day and age everyone has to work their fingers to the bone just to make ends meet don't they? I only wish life didn't have to be that way but we were not born with silver spoons in our mouths so we work. It's getting the retail holiday season which is no holiday for those people who work retail. It's a holiday nightmare instead. Dealing with pissed off customers who fight for merchandise is terrible and not something that my hubby is looking forward to. Ya know.... it kinda spoils all the holiday spirit for him since he dreads it when the different holidays come around. My work has slowed down for now. Work is revamping the new winter schedule for the employees so I guess I will find out what the verdict of that will be come this Friday. I hope I get a great one. There's a chill starting to move in the air and I need to drag out the boxes of winter clothes. That's all for today, Take Care- Pam

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