Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Halloween Window

I do enjoy Halloween! This year I wanted the theme of the house to be spiders so Stephen and I took a trip to the Halloween store to see what we could find. I always love it when the store opens in October because it's so much fun to look at all the new props and spooky stuff that's been added. While there I found these great window sheets. (there actually called window posters but there just sheets of colored plastic with a design on it). They came in many different themes and I scampered through the lot to see if I could find some spiders. Low and behold there they were! I've never grabbed anything so fast before in my life. giggle~ I knew right off the bat that that's what I wanted.

My front window is in 3 sections (as you can see from the picture) and these sheets were the perfect size to fit. The sheets have an orange background so it looks like the whole house is in orange. I bought 3 packs of sheets; each pack had 2 in it so I was able to cover 6 of my front windows. The whole house glows orange and I love it. Not just outside but inside too. What a fantastic setting for a Halloween party! The only down side to it is you can't see out of the windows. I guess that's just what you have to put up with if you want a spider house. It's so Halloweenish!

I covered the porch in spider webs and black spiders too. There crawling on the wall and up the front door. I placed a couple of jack-o-lanterns on the door steps and baby spiders like them. It looks like the whole house has been taken over by spiders. A few more spider webs on the shrubs and my little cottage is a spider haven. Ok.... maybe I over did it a bit but I think all little goblins who come to trick-or-treat this year will enjoy it.
Happy Halloween Decorating to all.  


~~louise~~ said...

Not only does your "Halloweenish" house look absolutely fabulous, Pam! So does your blog. I LOVE it!!! It's so "you," lol...

You really have been in a "buggy" mood this season. First your bug book post and now these creepy crawlie spiders. The trick or treaters are going to have a blast!!!

Thank you so much for sharing...Do I foresee a Spider Cake in your future???

Pattie @ Olla-Podrida said...

Your windows look FANTASTIC! Deliciously spooky.


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