Monday, October 17, 2011

The love of black cats

It was fall and time to find Mrs. Kitty's litter of kittens a home.  We took all 5 of them to our Vet to have a check up and get all their shots before we placed them in the hands of the local pet store to be sold.  Our Vet was delighted to see such beautiful kittens but was concerned when he saw the 3 black cats.  He explained to us that he did not suggest that we put the black cats up for adoption now since it was October.  To my shock he explained how they tried to protect all animals and during October many cults bough black cats for sacrificial purposes.  I was horrified that that type thing was going on right in my own neighborhood!  Ohhhh Noooo not my cats!  My cats are NOT going to be killed just for being a black cat.

While getting all the facts together, I also found out that some religious Christian groups still kill cats because of their association to what they believe is evil or because they belong to someone who they think is evil.  Can you believe that there are still people out there that think cats are evil spirits that have taken the form of a cat?  Geesh!!  Some even believe that the ownership of certain type cats is their "evidence" of Satanic association and witchcraft which has got to be some of the most ridiculous information that I think I've heard yet. Cats, are still believed to be evil in their own right, from many religious groups and often punished by being burned alive.

I also found out that it is traditional for Witches to have tabbies and calicos.  Did you know that?  Well.... which type of witches??  Good witches or bad witches??  I didn't know.  I had 3 black cats, 1 tabby and 1 female calico.  What on earth was I going to do?  I couldn't bear the idea of them being killed at all. This very litter of 5 beautiful kittens were now a litter that I could no longer put up for adoption.  I made up my mind right then and there that my 5 cats were staying with me.  I already had 2 cats and that was going to make 7 cats in all but I could not bear the idea of those babies having a tortured ending. 

I always considered 7 a lucky number anyway.
I would just keep them myself.
And keep them myself I did!! 
They are now 7 years old.

Please make the extra effort to keep your animals safe 
during the month of October.

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