Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What's Your Favorite Greasy Food?

Fried Pork Chop
We can't celebrate National Greasy Food Day without talking about our favorite greasy foods now can we? Noooo.... in fact I'm excited to talk about greasy foods. Why I'm a greasy food foodie from way back! 

Being from the south, I was raised on a lot of greasy foods. Now don't have a grease panic ok. I thought I would go through my favorites and I hope you tell me your favorites too. 

Buttermilk fried chicken! 
We ate buttermilk fried chicken all the time and I do mean all the time. If it wasn't at our house it was at one of my Aunts house. They loved to cook it on Sundays. In fact the Sunday meal was the biggest meal of the week and if fried chicken was on the menu you would see the biggest platter of fried chicken you've ever seen. 

We all went to Sunday school and preaching first. But the whole time there all I could think about was the meal that was to come. I use to get in trouble from my Mother when she would catch me drawing pictures of chicken wings and drumsticks during preaching. No kidding! I was even a foodie as a kid. wink~

Fried pork chops were a real favorite of mine. 
Mother would fry them up in about a 1/2 inch of grease. Give me 2 pieces of bread, catchup and my fried pork chop and I was one happy kid. 

Let's talk about french fries. 
Well we know the whole world loves deep fried fries and I say the crispier the better so why not double dunk those babies and cook them twice. You know they go with everything so we ate them with everything. (hamburgers, hamburger steak, hot dogs, chicken fingers, fish sticks)

Hamburger Steak with onions
 I requested this one a lot. I loved fried hamburger steak and the onion gravy that Mother made in the hamburger grease was delishious to say the least. She always served it with big fat french fries too. I liked this meal much better than the fried liver and onions that hit the table sometimes. Yulk!

Now let me mention the big one... fried fish. 
We were raised on the river and you know what that means without me even saying. Daddy had trot-lines out everywhere so every week I would run the lines with Daddy. Then Daddy would clean a lot of fish and Mother had to cook a lot of fish. That means we ate a lot of fried fish. LOL! Mostly deep fried catfish. Nannie (my grandmother) would pan fry up cornmeal grit gravy to go with it. For those that don't know what that is; it's cornmeal cooked in the oil of the fried fish. You pan fry it dark dark brown in a lot of lard if there's no fishy oil left. It looks like a gritty greasy paste when it's finished (it's an acquired taste) (us kids sometimes called it sand) but ohhhh myyyy goshhhh to spread it on soft white bread then eat it with my fish was heaven. 

It was my Nannies favorite too. She always ate it with brim. I didn't eat brim so my grandmother and Mother both would happily cook me battered and fried bass. We ate deep fried fish and gritty gravy for breakfast all the time. Mother would cook homemade biscuits to go with it. Now that I think about it, I could just about say that every meal had something fried in it. Mother put fried bacon in everything too. lol!

Oh Gosh I can't leave out dessert!
Nothing could compare to Mother's fried apple pies! We would pick the apples off 6 apple trees in the garden and Mother would make homemade fried apple pies. I loved watching Mother roll out the dough. Holding a hot apple pie in your hand then licking your fingers off when finished was a cinnamon delight.

Ahhh those were the days!
Now that I'm older..... I do eat healthier. Greasy foods don't like me as well as they did as a child. But nothing tasted better than fried food in my opinion. I no longer eat it every single day. No, sadly I only eat it fried meat about once a week. (oh let's not count the french fries because I do eat those more than I should. lol)
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~~louise~~ said...

I'm going with the Buttermilk Fried Chicken! I can't believe it sounds so good and I'm still drinking my morning coffee! Chicken and Waffles, lol...


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