Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Photo: Fried fish with green chilli sator relish

Ikan goreng sambal hijau pete 
( Fried fish w/ green chilli sator relish )
Originally uploaded by Wannai
Are you ready to host a green goblin party? 
Oh Wow! Well take a look at this. Adult Goblins may like this but I just don't know about little goblins.

Halloween is all about gross-you-out recipes or foods in  certain colors. Well one of our readers found this photo that I think would be perfect for a "Green Goblin Halloween Party." Oh yeah this would work for green and gory for sure. Anything with heads on always works.

The reader asked...
if I knew what kind of relish was on the fish and if I had a recipe for it. Sadly I don't. I can see the title of the photo says it's "green chilli sator relish." Unfortunately I don't know what that is.

Can any bloggers out there give a link to recipes for what you think this dish is? Some great relish recipes that would work with fish would be fantastic. I love fish and I bet this dish tastes really good. ???

Happy Halloween!
Ikan goreng sambal hijau pete

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