Monday, October 24, 2011

National Bologna Day: My Bologna Meal

Bologna Sandwich
Do you know what Food Holiday it is today? It's National Bologna Day! When I was a kid I couldn't get enough of fried bologna sandwiches just smothered in yellow mustard. If I was eating it for breakfast, Mother would grill the bread for me in the same skillet she fried the bologna in. I would tell my Mother..."smash it down Mother, smash it down." I liked to eat it really hot and flat. giggle~

When I became a teenager I still enjoyed fried bologna sandwiches and we enjoyed preparing them together. We tried them all kinds of ways but we always went back to frying. By the time I was 14 years old I could cook like heck with a black cast iron skillet.ha ha ha! Mother made sure of that. The meat had to be fried though. I was forever saying "I aint eattin' no cold deli piece of bologna." 

My Mother enjoyed fried bologna sandwiches too. There were a many-ah-meals we ate bologna sandwiches together. Even as an adult, when I would go home to Alabama to visit; Mother would make sure she had a pack of bologna in the frig. We always ate the sandwich with a baked potato full of butter and a big glass of sweet milk. Yep it was traditional. There's just something about the combination of bologna, mustard, baked potato and butter with a glass of milk. It's making me want it right now as I type.

Ya know.... I have a fond memory of making this meal with my Mother; even more so now. Mother sadly died this year and it was one of the last meals we shared together. But this time I fixed it for her as she watched. She came to visit me here in Florida and we ate it for lunch one day, right before we went to watch the waves on the beach. At the time I had no idea she was sick but it was the one and only time I fixed it for her. In the past, we always cooked it together. 

It's great to have good memories. Even something as simple as a bologna sandwich can mean so much once time passes. That's why it's important to Live everyday like a holiday. Because one day you too may have a bologna sandwich story to share.
Happy National Bologna Day!  Now go fry some bologna and eat it! Your blog friend, 

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If you want to know more about bologna I have a page on my website. See National Bologna Day.  Now if you want to make your own yellow mustard I have a recipe on my site for that too. For fun: I list the different types of sandwiches. Ya know.. like the bologna sandwich.

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