Thursday, March 06, 2008

Oreo Cookies Day

Heyyyyy Pam here everyone!

We are still in National Cookie Week and would you believe it, today is National Oreo Cookies Day! I was reading up on oreo cookies and found out that this little black and white treat was introduced to the world in 1912. I also found out that the oreo cookie is the best selling cookie in the U.S.?? Hummm I thought the chocolate chip cookie was the #1 cookie.

I remember when I was a kid in grammer school all the kids who packed a lunch always had oreo cookies. Once they ate them, they would have black cookie between their teeth the whole rest of the day. hahaha- memories~

The picture you see to the right is a oreo cookie pie. I was letting a large creamy bite melt in my mouth when I realized it was oreo cookie day. I thought- oh my gosh I've got to take a picture of this pie. I like to make the pie myself with marshmellow fluff but most recipes don't call for it. It's just the way I like it. I will put the recipe below of how I make mine.

I call mine a "Ore-nilla-fluff Pie."
(do you get the name? Ore - for the oreo / nilla- for the vanilla pudding / fluff -for the marshmellow fluff)

1 lg. bag Oreo cookies
1 lg. Cool Whip
2 sm. French vanilla instant pudding
1 (8 oz.) cream cheese
3 c. cold milk
1 jar of marshmellow fluff

Crumble 2/3 of Oreo cookies and spread in bottom of pan.
Combine pudding and milk. Blend in 3/4 Cool Whip and cream cheese. Fold in remaining 1/3 of cookies. Spread over crumbled cookie base. Top this layer with a layer of marshmellow fluff. Put whip cream on top if you like with crushed oreo cookies sprinkled on top. Chill and serve.

If cream cheese is to rich for you, you can leave it out. I'm just a cream cheese nut so I add it to everything. hahaha- The recipe will work perfectly without it. Hey.... St. Patricks Day is this month and you can make a green mint version of this pie as well. My hubby is crazy about mint and he's crazy about cookies so he loves it.

Guys if you don't want to make this pie you can always find the original oreo cookie pie in many of the grocery stores now. They have become quite popular with the kids.
Happy Oreo Cookies Day to All! Pam


Anonymous said...

I like heavy pies and this pie is so light and fluffy. I tried it with the cream cheese like you said and I liked it better that way. I love your blog. Missy

Anonymous said...

That is funny. I remember the kids in the first and second grade with oreo cookies. It brought back black teeth memories for me. Mainly because I was the one with black oreo teeth. Thomas

Anonymous said...
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