Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Daffodil is the March Flower

Daffodil Mosaic
Originally uploaded by Jim-AR
I really love the old fashion daffodil. If you ever ride through the back roads in the country you will always see daffodils growing in the middle of a field or the middle of the woods. You wonder "Now how did those get there?" But in the back of your mind you know that somewhere in time there must of been a old homestead that was no longer there. I can just imagine a old log cabin with daffodils surrounding the front porch, can't you? I like to stop at these places and see if they have any stories to tell me.

Learn all about Daffodils
The name Daffodil is derived from an earlier "Affodell", a variant of Asphodel. The reason for the introduction of the initial "d" is not known, although a probable source is an etymological merging from the Dutch article "de," as in "De affodil." From at least the sixteenth century "Daffadown Dilly" or "daffadown dilly" has appeared as a playful synonym of the name.


Anonymous said...

I really love daffodils too. I have a daffodil garden and I'm trying to get as many varieties as I can. It is breath taking when in bloom. Misty

Anonymous said...

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