Monday, March 31, 2008

Last Day of March

Hi everyone! March was an exciting month don't you agree? We said hello to Spring and Goodbye to Winter which I was very ready to do. We ate everything green in honor of St. Patties Day and shared in some green food recipes as well. We invited the Easter Bunny to hop right on in and we learned what to do with all the left over hard boiled eggs. (egg salad recipes)We learned about pigs, pickles and flour. We learned about the weird holiday tradition of burning a Snowmen and what areas celebrated this tradition too. We even shared some great home recipes for cleaning products just in time for spring cleaning. And last but not least, for all those who are plant lovers, we learned what each Countries National Flower was.

  • It's the last day for National Nutrition month so here's something To Ponder:
    "Graviola is very aggressive at breaking up tumors." "It appears that, as with many health problems, the body (in its wisdom) is trying to protect itself by creating a tumor to encase the toxins that can harm the body." "Breaking up the tumor releases toxins back into the body, making the person feel very sick." "When tumors are surgically removed, this also takes out the toxins which why this is the most effective medical treatment for cancer."

    "So a company created a product that contains graviola (called Gravizon) but also has herbs from the rainforest that helps the body to drain these toxins faster, strengthen the immune system and recover from sickness." Product: Graviola 2oz.
    Read the Story about Graviola and Cancer.

    I thought the month of March was Fantastic and exciting! It's going to be hard for April to stand up to this month but we will see how the holidays go. Happy Holidays everyone and remember..... "Make Everyday a Holiday." Live everyday to it's fullest and never let love take a back seat in life. ~ Pam :)

    P.S. The photo is one I took of my beautiful 10 year old cat named Smokey who is being treated for cancer. He loves being in the middle of all the ferns so as a treat we take him outside and let him enjoy nature for a few hours each day. (yes he is a house cat.) Today was day 1 for adding the Product: Graviola 2oz. in his diet as part of treatment for cancer. A big thank you goes out to all of you who have added my little Smokey into your prayers.


    mbenton said...

    Hi, I was just wondering how the gravizon was working on your cat's cancer. My kitty has gone through radiation and multiple surgeries, and at this point, she has no more medical options. I've been giving her MMS for a week and a half now but have not seen a change. I am researching anything that might help her...any status you have on the gravizon's effect on Smokey would be very appreciated. Thanks!

    susane said...

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