Thursday, March 20, 2008

Burning the snowman Day

What do you guys think of this holiday? Today, March 20th is National Burning the Snowman Day. Believe it or not but this holiday is starting to be very popular in the US, mainly up North where there's a lot of snow. Those of us who live in Florida will never get to do the snowy winter tradition of burning a snowman since it never snows here. I think as close as we will get to it, is by burning a snowman candle in honor of the holiday, which in fact is also a tradition.

What is this Snowman Burning Holiday for?
Snowman Burning Day is a festival to mark the end of winter and welcome spring. It's a way to celebrate the change of the seasons.

Who celebrates this
Wacky Holiday Tradition?
This holiday is celebrated by the Swiss as well as the Americans. In some cultures, they use the burning patterns to determine the type of summer they will have. Zurich has rung in the spring with its traditional Sechseläuten (six bells) festivities, culminating with the symbolic burning of the Böögg snowman. "It took 12 minutes and nine seconds for the snowman's head – loaded with explosives – to blow up, forecasting a "moderate" summer." " According to tradition, the quicker the Böögg explodes, the better summer will be." "Over the past ten years, the average time for the Böögg to blow his top has been 14 minutes.

Celebration cakes for Zurich's spring festival.
They go all out for this holiday. Cakes are traditionally baked with a snowman in the middle of it and the same for other desserts as well. It's a big day for eating as well. Anytime there's a traditional holiday, we will always find feasting and this holiday is no different. Most of this holiday is spent outside so a lot of outside eating is done. Winter eating picnic style seems to be part of the fun.

This Holiday sounds like a lot of fun. I'm not familiar with it myself since I've never celebrated this holiday but I sure welcome it. See to learn more about this holiday.


Anonymous said...

Burning a snowman day!!! I've heard it all now. Jayson in Hawaii

susane said...

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