Friday, March 28, 2008

April Fools Prank Ideas.

Prank Ideas

Photo is a picture of someones dorm room that was filled with crumpled up news paper.

Hey guys! April Fools Day is less than a week away so I thought it would be nice to get some great prank ideas flowing. Here's a few that I found on the Internet that look great. Share your ideas with us too ok. Just click the comment button at the bottom of this subject. Have a fun and safe April Fools Day.

Get a piece of paper and pen...and write.."To the owner of this vehicle...I'm sorry for the damage I did to your vehicle" and put it on their windshield under the wipers and when the person sees it they will look for damage and there really isn't any damage. This prank was found at

Prank Calls have always been traditional on April Fools Day.
Heres some tips on "How to Make a Prank Call."

Unexpeced Dandriff: The victum: His mom, Lynne. Talk about hair-raising! On April 1, Lynne says, Nathan began complaining during dinner that his head was itching like crazy. "When I looked at his scalp, I encountered the worst case of dandruff I'd ever seen. Apparently, a friend had poured salt into his hair as a prank--and now my son was using that to pull a prank on me!"
THE REACTION: Lynne immediately instructed Nathan about the proper shampoo and scrubbing method. Nathan listened for a few moments, then burst into laughter. This prank was found at

I love this one! Office covered in foil.
April Fools Cake that looks like sandwiches

Find more April Fools fun at

Explosivo: April Fools in Havana
Originally uploaded by S.britt

The photo is Explosivo: April Fools in Havana.
Another old April Fool's Day doodle. This time, the old "exploding cigar gag" goes a bit too far when the recipient actually loses face.... and half his arm. A good reminder to prank it safe this April Fools.


Anonymous said...

You know the old cans tied behind the car trick on the bride and grooms wedding day right. I do this on April Fools Day. Jeff

Anonymous said...

I go around on the eve of April Fools and vaseline up the door handles of all my friends trucks. I even do their front door handles. Mike

Anonymous said...

I still like the old syrup and feather gag.

Anonymous said...

PRANK: Don't forget about the bucket of water on top of the door prank.

susane said...

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