Friday, March 14, 2008

Potato Chip Day

Nalley's Potato Chips Originally uploaded by Waffle Whiffer
Hey guys it's National Potato Chip Day and it always falls on March 14th each and every year. In celebration of one of my favorite things to eat, I found this neat add at flickr for Nalley's Red Seal Potato Chips. It's from the Denver Post, May 6, 1962. The squirrel on the bag is just too cute and what he says would make me buy it. "Light, fresh, noisy and delicious." Potato Chips are my weakness and thats no joke either. I could just about eat them every day and if I had potato chip dip I WOULD eat them every day. Speaking of potato chip dip..... theres even a holiday for that too. March 23rd is National Chip N Dip Day so check back with us and I will be listing a few dip recipes in honor of that day. Until then yall, Happy Potato Chip Day!


Anonymous said...

I love them! Every day at work I pull one out of the vending machine. Your blog is fun Pam. I look forward to it each week.

Anonymous said...

Potato chips are really bad for you but we gorge ourselves on them anyway. Including me. Trying to be healthy in Miami


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