Friday, March 07, 2008

crown roast of pork

crown roast of pork
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What food Holiday is it today? Why it's Crown Roast of Pork Day!
Crown roast of pork day is always on March 7 each year. This is one meat dish that is just perfect for a dinner party don't you think? It looks very impressive on a dinner table and really makes you want to grab a bone,rip it right off and eat it. giggle~

I myself don't cook crown roast of pork very often but I do make it when I'm having guests over for an important supper. I think we all drag out the impressive food when we are wanting to make an impression, right? Well you can't go wrong with this one.

Let's see..... how many of you cooked crown roast of pork this week and what was the occasion? Were you impressing someone? Was it a Birthday meal? Was it a special date? Was it a Holiday? Or did you cook it just because you simply wanted to eat it? Tell us all about it.


Anonymous said...

I cooked it for dinner last night to welcome our new preacher. It was a hit. Mary

Anonymous said...

The last time I cooked it was last month, to welcome my son home from over seas. It's his favorite an I cooked two of them. Both were ate. Jennie

Anonymous said...

I cooked it for Valentines Day. I tried to make it romantic by having the table beautiful. The crown roast helped with that. Jodi love JayJay

Anonymous said...

My Mom always cooks one for Christmas.Sometimes she cooks it for Easter and puts eggs all around it. I love food and your site has the best pictures. Tomcat

Anonymous said...

I cooked one last week. It was going to be a dinner for me and a new man in my life but he didn't show. I ended up eating half of the crown all alone. Sandy still waiting.

Unknown said...

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