Friday, February 09, 2018

Celebrate Chocolate

Link To Greeting
I'm wishing everyone a Happy Chocolate Day today! Now don't forget to send your chocolate greeting out to all your friends and family and remind them that today is chocolate day. You can send free Chocolate Greeting to everyone HERE!

February 9
October 28

On this day we are encouraged to eat chocolate. On this day we are encouraged to share chocolate. On this day we are encouraged to cook all things chocolate. Speaking of cooking..... I'm listing a few links to my most popular chocolate recipes that I've posted in the past. I know you will love them and want to save the recipes. Remember them to cook for Valentine's Day too!

Oh and..... Just so you know.... February is also National Chocolate Lover's MONTH! - September 22 is White Chocolate Day - January 10 is Bittersweet Chocolate Day - February 1 is Dark Chocolate Day - And if you want to know the complete list of chocolate holidays... well I made a page for that too. Go HERE!

Hot Fudge Marshmallow Monkey Bread! 

Yall don't bother with the napkins because your going to want to lick your fingers on this one! I have to say I really love making monkey bread. You never have to worry about messing up because it always looks messed up even when it's right!

Boozy Bourbon Chocolate Cupcakes

This is a beauty cupcake lovers! 
I'm a cream and icing kinda gal and this cupcake has it. That little touch of bourbon in it is fantastic too.

Raspberry Chipotle Brownies with Ganache

Ok Brownie lover's this ones for you!
I don't like raspberry seeds in my food but you don't really notice it that much in a brownie. But the flavor it produces is magical!

Hot Fudge Brownie

And yet another brownie recipe! Oh come on! There's never enough brownie recipes!

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