Monday, February 05, 2018

How To Pair Coffee with Food

Everyone knows that wine and cheese go together, everyone knows that fish and chips go together. These classic flavour pairings are reliable, old favourites, like a culinary comfort blanket. But did you know that coffee has a diverse range of flavours, just like wine and cheese and that these deserve to be paired with things that bring out the best in them? Coffee goes with more than just Monday morning! We drink coffee at all times of day; for breakfast, as a mid-morning pick me up, with lunch, dinner and in cocktails on a Friday night. Because we drink so much and so frequently it’s always worth knowing a little more so you can enjoy the full potential of your beans. You could even try a coffee tasting party! Get some friends round, brew up 4 or 5 different coffees and serve with suitable canap├ęs – maybe some mini pastries or cheese. You could have a coffee several different continents – a coffee round the world tour without even leaving your house! Or, you could serve coffee at a dinner party instead of wine… it’s a novel idea but try some iced coffee with a spicy dish and some coffee that goes with a cheeseboard at the end of the night and we’re sure you’ll be converted. To help you on your way to coffee tasting heaven, we’ve put together a sexy little infographic to guide you with which coffee suits different types of food. Most of the suggestions are cake related, so, that’s always a bonus. 
How To Pair Coffee With Food

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