Saturday, February 24, 2018

List Of March Movable Observances

2018 / Movable observances: 

A movable holiday means the date changes every year!

  • National Corndog Day (United States): March 17

First Thursday: March 1

  • World Book Day (UK and Ireland)
  • World Maths Day

School day closest to March 2: March 2

  • Read Across America Day

First Friday: March 2

  • Employee Appreciation Day (United States, Canada)

Second Saturday of Lent in Eastern Christianity: March 3

  • Saturday of Souls

Fifth Sunday before Pascha and Second Sunday of Lent in Eastern Christianity: March 4

  • Sunday of St. Gregory Palamas

First Sunday: March 4

  • Children's Day (New Zealand)

Second week: March 4–10

  • Global Money Week

Week of March 8: March 4–10

  • Women of Aviation Worldwide Week

First Monday: March 5

  • Casimir Pulaski Day (United States)

First Tuesday: March 6

  • Grandmother's Day (France)

Second Thursday: March 8

  • World Kidney Day

Third Saturday of Lent in Eastern Christianity: March 10

  • Saturday of Souls

Fourth Sunday before Pascha and third Sunday of Lent in Eastern Christianity: March 11

  • Sunday of the Holy Cross

Fourth Sunday of Lent, 21 days before Easter Sunday in Western Christianity: March 11

  • Laetare Sunday
  • Mothering Sunday
  • Pretzel Sunday (Luxembourg)

Monday closest to March 9, unless March 9 falls on a Saturday: March 12

  • Baron Bliss Day (Belize)

Second Monday: March 12

  • Canberra Day (Australia)
  • Commonwealth Day (Commonwealth of Nations)

Second Wednesday: March 14

  • Decoration Day (Liberia)
  • No Smoking Day (United Kingdom)

Friday of the second full week of March: March 16

  • World Sleep Day

Fourth Saturday of Lent in Eastern Christianity: March 17

  • Saturday of Souls

Firth Sunday of Lent in Western Christianity: March 18

  • Passion Sunday: March 18 (no longer officially celebrated by Roman Catholic church, still celebrated by other denominations)

Third Sunday before Pascha and Fourth Sunday of Lent in Eastern Christianity: March 18

  • Sunday of St. John Climacus

Third week in March: 18–24

  • National Poison Prevention Week (United States)

Third Monday: March 19

  • Birthday of Benito Juarez (Mexico)

March equinox: March 20

  • Chunfen (East Asia)
  • Dísablót (some Asatru groups)
  • Earth Equinox Day
  • Equinox of the Gods/New Year (Thelema)
  • Higan (Japan)
  • International Astrology Day
  • Mabon (Southern Hemisphere) (Neo-paganism)
  • Ostara (Northern hemisphere) (Neo-paganism)
  • Shunbun no Hi (Japan)
  • Sigrblót (The Troth)
  • Summer Finding (Asatru Free Assembly)
  • Sun-Earth Day (United States)
  • Vernal Equinox Day / Kōreisai (Japan)
  • World Storytelling Day

Third Wednesday: March 21

  • National Festival of Trees (Netherlands)

Fifth Saturday of Lent in Eastern Christianity: March 24

  • Saturday of the Akathist

Last Saturday: March 24

  • Earth Hour (International observance)

Fifth Sunday of Lent in Eastern Christianity: March 25

  • Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt

Week before Easter in Western Christianity: March 25-31

  • Holy Week
    • Palm Sunday: March 25
    • Holy Monday: March 26
    • Holy Tuesday: March 27
    • Holy Wednesday: March 28
    • Maundy Thursday: March 29
    • Good Friday: March 30
    • Holy Saturday: March 31

Fourth Monday: March 26

  • Labour Day (Christmas Island, Australia)

Last Monday: March 26

  • Seward's Day (Alaska, United States)

Fourth Tuesday: March 27

  • American Diabetes Alert Day (United States)

Friday preceding Good Friday in Eastern Christianity: March 30

  • Nabi Musa

Day before Palm Sunday in Eastern Christianity: March 31

  • Lazarus Saturday
    • Lazareva Subota (Serbia)

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